Favorite Quotes–Mocking an Idiot

After passage of the new ordinance that effectively shuts the bars down:

“We’re trying to make it workable,” Mayor Mike Kuehn said. The new ordinance is “a huge step forward.”

Nobody can make this stuff up.

On the Sunday Bar Ordinance vote prior to the council meeting:

“If you’re open on Sundays and selling more liquor than food, you’re probably more of a bar than a restaurant,” said North St. Paul Mayor Mike Kuehn. “If it isn’t a restaurant, you can’t have a (Sunday) license.”

May 10th, 2011 council meeting, Councilman Furlong wants NSP to be included on Maplewood FB Recreation Dept. Page:

Mayor Kuehn:  “What is Facebook?”

On having a City supplied 4th email:–against the law

“I appreciate John Fax’s tenaciousness on this,” says Kuehn, adding that he’s adapting to the new e-mail system despite having little fondness for technology. He said he’d rather talk to people by phone, saying “The town is small enough most people can probably reach me by giving me a phone call at home.”

“With this facility, there was a little bit of contention in the community, but I think it worked out very well,” said Mayor Mike Kuehn.

Mayors listening habits at meeting:

“Does anyone else have anything to say on this subject (council)? [then immediately starts talking about something else]” Ok then..moving on.


Well the governor is trying to raise taxes on the most wealthiest in Minnesota, but a that might a be tough see how that works out, 70 % of our budget comes from that, so that’s a big problem”

Regarding the new trash bin enclosure ordinance;

“Ah, uh, just a photo of cinder block makes me nervous! ha, ha, uhaaa.”

On the future of North Saint Paul:

“First of all, we have to realize that it’s no longer solely a retail destination”.

“My goal for the long-range, which will probably be after I’m gone from public office would be once (we have) the retail, the office and the housing in place, I’d like to work on trying to create some attractiveness to the arts and crafts industries”.

“We’re also looking at trying to hook up with some mortgage companies and talking to the Rondo Land Trust (a non-profit in St. Paul). They do offer some programs to help people who are first-time home buyers”

On the frozen windmill:

“Mayor Mike Kuehn asked Wysopal during the meeting if he knew specifically why the turbines weren’t turning when it’s cold outside”. (knowing they were not winterized)

On the Monthly Buckthorn report:

“Now, that’s allot of Buckthorn”

Mayor Kuehn presented resident D%%% Bi*&^ with a certificate of appreciation for his excellence in monitoring the activities of the City Council proceedings, community knowledge, for caring about what goes on in the community, not to mention being awarded the prestigious Buckthorn gavel for outstanding work at the Southwood Nature Preserve, and for his exemplary attendance at City Council meetings over the past many years. Mr. Bieniek has only missed three City Council meetings in the past six years.

On overspending:

Governor Pawlenty has once again proposed to cut Local Government Aid (LGA) provided to the city. LGA is provided tocommunities with small tax bases, like North St. Paul. It looks like the city may have LGA reduced by more than $450,000, over 8% of our entire city budget this year. These cuts are not just one time cuts, but will continue into future years. “This creates serious problems for the city to maintain current service levels. The City Council will have difficult decisions to make about service reductions in order to balance the budget.–MIKE KUEHN”

Regarding the 450 write-in votes he whined like a girl about:

Kuehn said he’d like to know the source of the fliers simply to inform them for the future that a disclaimer must be attached to write-in campaign literature.At this time, the council won’t be taking any legal action, as the write-in campaign did not alter the outcome of the election.

Your not mad about the hundreds that left your box blank?- You thin skinned cry baby. The only people that voted for you were deaf, dumb, stupid and blind.

On the final outcome of the bus garage/ before the Email fiasco:

“With this facility, there was a little bit of contention in the community, but I think it worked out very well,” said Mayor Mike Kuehn.

March, 02 2011

North St. Paul lists goals

“In 21 years of serving on the city council, North St. Paul Mayor Mike Kuehn can’t remember a time when the council had published yearly goals”.

“To begin a new pattern, the North St. Paul City Council decided to sit down in a workshop and set a formal vision for 2011″.

This begs the question Mr. Mayor why would you not have a VISION every year? If you don’t have a vision each year what are you doing, hello?  This must even sound stupid to you. Does it not?

After winning the special election in 2008:

“It’s really just a standard office-supply gavel,” Kuehn says. “But when you look at it up close there’s some dents and nicks on there. It’s got a history that only it could tell.”

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