The Hillcrest Buy Out Remembered

Unlike the garbage reported by the Review. The Sale of Hillcrest was really a buy out of Gates Auto which just happened to be $800.000.00 when Gate went out business.

According to private sorces the Penn Place builders were promised that the ” ugly white building would be moved”.  Well, the brothers were not going to be bullied or pushed around by the City and there was plenty of it for almost 7 years, until Gates became available and with the Hwy 36 project winding up the City found itself in a corner.  False promises and a supposed necessary road realignment.

The lot does not exist anymore and there is no revenue from that non-existent land. OH, but wait! Hillcrest moved to Gates– and indeed they are up and running and doing a bang up business.  The best Brakes and alignments you could ask for at a reasonable price. Yes sir.

But Gates is gone. Using my abacus that is net loss of 2 business. Huh? Gates + Non revenue non existent commercial lot = 2. Right? Of course I am right.

But we can’t have a BEACH open for the kids……We have no money, Hey! who manages this city anyway?

History Memorialized.

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