TAX-BEG-LEVY-FAIL & Spend Big Surplus for pet projects and big union rank and file–Kids lose

moneyburningLead by Patty Phillips and Company, and the dodge ball team, TBI dead head school board.

In the last election cycle, School District 622 came to us all, hat in hand for a renewal of the multi-million dollar tax levy, of course the trick is to say there will be no tax hike. The School District treats people who pay real-estate taxes and other taxes as if they are idiots. One in five this year 2013.

They get use to, accustomed to, dependent on the DRUG called the “perpetual levy”, like they are entitled to it. So they cry the sky is falling, and that they need another “FIX” open up the liberal tax and spend play book and say all the children will perish if it does not pass. Meanwhile, back in reality, home values in NSP has gone down 10% every year for the last 5, and the median income is plummeting like hair falling off Mike Kuehn’s head. These liberal turds keep plucking away at your wallet and you bend over for another infilling of love by the state, feds and a hypo filled with green scratch from local real estate owners.

So, the DISTRICT gets their money, and LOW AND BEHOLD they have a 16 million dollar SURPLUS and pat themselves on back on how fiscally responsible they are. The same district that got it’s ass in a ringer a number of years ago because they were bumbling around, and running out of money actually started some austerity measures, put them in practice, but that’s all out the window now because they all got a good BUZZ ON when they loosened the belt and it went to their brain. This is what happens when you have an institution run by a ship of liberal/statist fools.

The DFL monopolized, and controlled Norway like Socialist State Government has yet again poured more money after bad on the problem with never any real solutions to the tune of  458 MILLION DOLLARS, that’s a half a BILLION folks.  A huge chunk of the State Budget goes into education as bridges fall into rivers and roads fall apart. I think there is bridge fall into the river tax of 5 bucks now when you renew your drivers license. There’s nothing attractive to politicians about bridge maintenance, you know, n0 ribbon cutting ceremony or parades; nothing to see or brag home about. What a bunch of hacks. And so stupidity flows down hill like crap seeking a river, thus the “school district”.

Let’s just take one example of having too much money burning a hole in your pocket like some wayward teenager with his or her first job. The schools and district officials are now on a spending spree, and hiring all kinds of administrators as stated by the Ramsey Review and the North High School Principle Greg Nelson in his welcome back letter.

Bad behavior is still the norm at North High/Tartan according to insider information. Greg Nelson in his recent letter to parents at the school stated they are adding a “Dean of Students” (behavior adjuster) and made a point on “continuing elevating literacy”? Really? If this is the opening big topic for the year~~ we are in trouble. The high schools are less than one percentage point from not meeting state standards, in a host of important studies.

If we are dealing with literacy now at the high school level, that shows a systemic failure in elementary schools and middle schools caused by impossible to deal with; layers of bureaucracy (complexity, inefficiency, and their inflexibility) within the District. If you can’t read or write in high school the school system has failed, and those kids are in big trouble.

The School District decides to replace all the Football Field Turf at North High and Tartan for 2 MILLION BUCKS (what happened to the dying kids?) Are you kidding me? Yet, for a student to park in the lots (paid for by taxpayers) the kids have to PAY about $60.00 a semester, and the parking lots are a pot hole-ridden mess like a back ally in Baghdad.

So this is another revenue generator, where meritorious hard working kids or those who have the means to PAY (like a toll) will, since the poor kids don’t get cars (unless they steal them) and can’t pay for gas and insurance anyway. This I lay at the feet of the Principals that have eyes on the ground, and know these scams best and don’t do the required maintenance. So~~

You are HEREBY PUT ON PUBLIC NOTICE, that any car damages Like, wheels and suspension as a result of the this negligence here forward, is on the school to pay for- I digress.

Back to the tax surplus. For your information wise guys- That surplus money is NOT YOURS! I think it’s time for you to take at least half of OUR MONEY, and RETURN it to US, give it back, so our real estate taxes might go down.

This is what happens when government produces nothing and their is no credible oversight. No one cares or has the balls to stand up to these imbecilic morons who waste money. Then you have the Omni-present Teachers Union who will push for more unqualified teachers, swell the ranks, bitch for higher wages and fatten their already bloated pensions so our kids can pay off that legacy down the road while they are being crippled by student loan debt and no jobs. This is the DFL-progressive magic, what a thing of beauty, ya?

Here’s a novel idea–How about TEACHING our kids to READ, WRITE AND DO MATH! Forget all the phony PC, multi-cultural hand wringing nonsense and get our kids ready for college? Whoops! We have to lease out the North St. Paul Community Center to bail out the City and get a cushy building for the staff, and a place to store all the I-don’t-give-a-shit delinquent kids that are too nasty to be in the regular schools. Stop whitewashing the problem.

So there are GREAT KIDS who take school serious and work hard. Parents are engaged and are high achievers and will get virtually no help when needed based on their merits, yet those little dope smoking, teacher punching brats, bleed the (ALC) system to death and will be awarded a graduation if they just show up at the new North St. Paul supplied, taxpayer funded gym. SCAMMED AGAIN. This crap transcends color and culture so don’t call me a bigot.

This is called unpopular free speech, don’t wet yourself.

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