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Teachers Double Dipping In Minneosta- At A Great Cost–622 Not Exempt

Don’t be shellfish… STEALING BY STEALTH…Vote NO LEVY November 8th 2011 Many states across the country have made it illegal to re-hire retired worker and collect pensions. Written by the Association of American Educators -Alix http://www.aaeteachers.org/index.php/blog/452-double-dipping-under-fire With states across the country … Continue reading

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School District 622 Pleading Poverty for TAX LEVY–Not true

Don’t be shellfish…ST. PAUL, Minn. – Some Minnesota Republican lawmakers plan an unprecedented campaign against school districts seeking voter-approved tax increases this fall. State lawmakers traditionally stay out of local levy decisions, but Minnesota Public Radio News reports some Republicans … Continue reading

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VOTE NO November 8 on the continued 10 year TAX LEVY by School District 622

Don’t be shellfish…While the School District 622 made cuts in their own budget, they also selfishly refused to make personal sacrifices of salary and wage cuts to themselves.  They knew full well the mood and anger of the taxpayers and … Continue reading

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