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North Saint Paul Water Management Plan 2008–Watershed In This City–2011 Flood

Don’t be shellfish…Potential lawsuits against the city of North St. Paul is possible. Click on the link below to the City Water Management Plan. http://www.ci.north-saint-paul.mn.us/vertical/Sites/%7B806247FC-8CDA-4FF4-A9CD-4492647B36B7%7D/uploads/%7B9CAC0F8C-9223-47B9-9B29-0CDEAF069E50%7D.PDF Millions and millions of dollars were spent on water control in North St. Paul in the … Continue reading

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Governor Dayton Solely Responsible For State Shut Down

Don’t be shellfish…Why a shutdown? Because Mark Dayton is an inept, blundering buffoon. Contrary to the impressions left by media reports and DFL statements, the GOP-controlled legislature sent several budget compromise proposals to Governor Dayton in an attempt to avoid … Continue reading

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