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Michelle Bachmann, Gov. Nikki Haley of SC Shame Obama On Fighting 1000 Jobs For Boeing

Don’t be shellfish…Obama orders NLRB to attack job growth in South Carolina, America suffers at the hand of this tyranny by hand picked appointed cronies; the shill for the big UNION BOSS thug crime syndicate.   http://michelebachmann.com/landingnew/?cdtrack_creative=7605ec5e-f181-463a-a840-fa8c342fabcd&cdtrack_source=3db6b64a-7523-476f-83ab-f6d50ea69417&gclid=CO6B-ZuU7aoCFUUBQAodIHY5OA Don’t be shellfish…

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Presidential Hopeful Michelle Bachman Says NO!

Don’t be shellfish…Reaction from the right: The cuts don’t go far enough for many in Washington. The phony August 2nd  deadline created by Obama has failed, and he has once again shown not so much a willingness to compromise, but a … Continue reading

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