Senator Amy Klobuchar

Senator Amy Klobuchar Thinks Healthcare Kaos Is A Joke Until She Gets Voted Out- An outrage that only a sociopath would except.


DFL Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and DFL Reps. Tim Walz and Collin Peterson faced a question about Obamacare at a town hall meeting by at least one stealth conservative.

In the re: RANT


The Local Media’s little darling-

On Daddy’s coat tail and money start the story of a true liberal daughter of the Star Tribune’s newspaper 35 year resident columnist Jim Klobuchar made her a queen. The other so-called newspaper nick name, more apropos was the “Star and Sickle” for a reason. There might be 10 conservatives in the entire state. Only Norway is slightly more conservative.

Remember, this is a DFL packed Town Hall event-conservatives are always heckled out of building or scorned at any town hall meetings. Sadly, people in Minnesota are just that stupid because all they care about is themselves and free stuff, and are good little liberal robot groupies.

The lone man with the microphone asked a simple question which seemed to escape everyone in the room–

“I thought the Affordable Care Act would save $2500 per family,” a resident asked. “What happened?”

Senator Klobuchar seemingly in a moribund state and apparent shock at the question stalled.

DFL Rep. Peterson grabbed the microphone and said, “I voted ‘no,’ so I’ll let these guys handle that.”

DFL Rep. Walz went on to defend the law:

“This health discussion has got to be broader, it’s got to point out where there are weaknesses and failures, it’s got to make sure we’re not leaving people behind or distorting the system. But don’t pretend there was some type of safe harbor before this where everything was just peachy keen.” More bullshit save your ass rhetoric.

Here’s what I think of Klobuchar and those other DFL clowns providing political cover to the SENATOR who REPRESENTS the ENTIRE STATE hello? Let me say right up front that we have yet another plutocratic dumb ass lawyer in Washington from the Peoples Republic of Minnesota making a damn JOKE out of other peoples misery, and a hideous bad law.

Between a silver spoon fed nepotistic phony-ass liberal career politician, and the fake yet stupid comedian Al Franken who voted for the nightmare ACA Minnesota takes another one for the imperial Kenyon/Indonesian interloper Barack Obama.

Amy Klobuchar is lower than a piece of whale shit at the bottom of the deepest ocean. I personally know Cancer patients, people with severe heart problems, and other chronically ill PEOPLE with healthcare problems that have been ousted; had their INSURANCE CANCELED, and lost their doctors/teams of doctors because of losers like these- Oh, but wait, they can go on the ACA right? Sure they can, they just have to pay 4 times as much money for it, REAL NICE.

Is it FUNNY Ha, Ha, Amy when these people die because of you and your ilk? Is that all part of the Obama liberal equation? They don’t really care about you, it’s always about how they look and who they can garner votes for. The political Klobuchar’s of this country are just more elitist pigs rooting out millions in Washington while those they claim they are helping are getting screwed. Never forget that it is always about them. The voters are just too brainwashed, uninformed and downright stupid to know that their family and futures are being ruined. But you know it don’t you Amy? Huh? Probably not– like most mentally ill narcissistic hand ringing liberals. Just because you failed as a lawyer (know nothing about business) gives you the right to shit all over peoples lives and laugh? Having other lawyers say they love you does not make you a good lawyer, they want something from you- but your so smart you knew that too right? Probably not. Law school teaches you how to lie and be a parasite on society.

Senator, you need to get on your pathetic sorry ass knees and beg for forgiveness to the millions of people who are getting the crap kicked out of them from your retarded “affordable healthcare law” Stop lying and tell the truth for once if you have ounce of integrity or character.

Ha, ha…Sadly most people in Minnesota drank the cool-aid long ago and don’t know that they are just a bunch of sheep. But seriously, you need to get run out of Washington on a rail, and don’t forget Al “vote stealing” Franken’s term is up this year. Amy, the universe has a way of balancing out. Don’t think that your senate seat is owned by you until you feel like retiring. hopefully you will get run over by an MTC bus or pop a brain vein like Ted Kennedy.

A quote from the republican opponent who got the shit beat out of him by a BIASED MEDIA in her last election.

“It’s time to hold Washington politicians accountable. It’s time for the Minnesota media to hold Klobuchar accountable. Perhaps even ask her an uncomfortable question or two, and not just blindly accept her spin,” said Mike Osskopp, campaign manager for the Kurt Bills campaign.

“The media has been AWOL during this campaign. It’s as if they are pretending that Klobuchar is not running for reelection. She has a record, and should be held accountable for it,”

“The media is giving Klobuchar a pass. Where are the tough questions? Where are the follow-ups? Who has asked Amy about why she supports a budget deficit plan that just about everybody else believes is a potential economic calamity, regardless of ideology? Where is her plan for the economy, the middle east, or entitlement reform?”

“Klobuchar is a Senator, not a Prom Queen,”

“It’s time to hold Washington politicians accountable. It’s time for the Minnesota media to hold Klobuchar accountable. Perhaps even ask her an uncomfortable question or two, and not just blindly accept her spin,” said Mike Osskopp, campaign manager for the Kurt Bills campaign

A spoiled Yale graduate in Political Science who sucked her way into running for office via the vacuum into the open senate seat when “I am a quitter” Mark Dayton gave up his seat midterm then endorsed her along with some wacky femnazi PAC called “Early Money Is Like Yeast”. She is schooled in the art of Chicago style politics ala Minnesota nice, and is in good company with another EMILY’s List success stories like HHS Kathleen Sebelius. Living a life of privilege and is so deeply entrenched into liberalism she does not no her ass from a hat.

I RANT further not.

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