US Veteran Cuts Down US Flag Flown Under Mexican Flag

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IL State Representative Mike Bost has had it up to here with pension reforms & rules that bind their hands

Mike Bost is the U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 12th congressional district. He is a member of the Republican Party. Previously, he was member of the Illinois House of Representatives, representing the 115th district from 1995 to 2015

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The Biggest Lie Of All – Obama Says he is Christian Really? Proof That He is a Muslim – That loving Sweet Bunch

From Tunisia, Cairo, Libya, the Syria red line, Abandon Iraq to the treacherous Iran deal, Obama’s ideology, Muslim convictions has led hundreds of thousand of men women and children  to slaughter. He has ordered the full physical and moral retreat of America from the rest of the world. Obama has no morals whatsoever. Only assholes become lawyers.

The implications to the security of this nation are massive. Millions and million of people are fleeing countries and are over running the boarders by death defying means. The results are dead children washed up on those shores of other countries. America has abandoned the world in favor of the Muslim terrorist (he denies their existence) like a holocaust denier ala Iran, who he believes simply would be better people if they had a JOB!

Barack Obama is insane and in his final year he will show how ruthless a tyrant he is as he slashes and burns the constitution in favor of his twisted idea of how the world should be.

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It’s Not Just Black People Who Feel Cops Are Out Of Control Disturbing Video Gilbert Flores Gunned Down

UNEDITED VERSION –  Cops stalk man like they are on a safari.  EXECUTE Gilbert Flores with his hands in the air shot dead like a dog.  This is what all! people are sick and tired of not just blacks and minorities

After being shot they hand cuff the lifeless body. Then they just mull around like jackals pacing back and forth like they are proud of their most recent kill. It is not lost on me that those 300lb fat ass cops didn’t even bother to administer even the slightest first aid to the now face down handcuffed man that they drug behind the squad car.

At 4:10 in the video you will find the officer who shot the man and another officer congratulate one another with a fist bump.  This video does not need an expert to see that the man was killed in cold blood. There is a sickening level of depraved indifference that screams out at you.  This is why PEOPLE are fed up with this shit.

This shits been going for decades cops are finally getting caught on camera every time they turn around.

Disturbing Video Appears to Show Texas Sheriff’s Deputies Shoot Man1:02


Video of a fatal police shooting in Texas where the suspect appeared to have his hands up has sparked a growing outcry and appeals for calm from authorities.

Gilbert Flores, 41, was shot and killed just before noon on Aug. 28 in San Antonio, Texas.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said in an initial statement that deputies responding to a domestic disturbance found a woman with a cut on her head, a potentially injured infant and an armed suspect — presumably Flores.

“Two deputies attempted to arrest the armed suspect, but he resisted,” the statement said. “The deputies used non-lethal weapons to try and detain the man. When those efforts failed, the deputies fired shots hitting the man.”

However, footage shot by a bystander first obtained by ABC News’ local affiliate KSAT and posted online has raised questions over the encounter. Captured from a distance, it shows deputies approaching a shirtless Flores — who has one arm obscured by a post. Flores appears to put his hands up in surrender before he is shot multiple times and falls to the ground, motionless. It is not possible to see if Flores had a weapon in one hand which was not visible in the video.

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North St. Paul Spins Out Of Control Residents Fighting Back On Many Levels

While I have been writing more on the national stage of events making commentary and opinions regarding political and other things, others have established their own websites and FaceBook pages etc. talking about the City of North St. Paul proper.

Bellow is an example of North St. Paul trying to stifle FREE SPEECH once again.

Doug Edge and Scott Thorsen are getting harassed and I am not going to sit back and say nothing.

On the long running Facebook page North St. Paul Minnesota, the editor(s)  and others told me of censoring and attacks on commentators so I decided to jump in against the cronies who were attacking the editors for their rightful comments about the City of North St. Paul and those who using and or abusing the report feature on FB in hopes of getting posts removed.

Lets face it, Mark Zuckerberg’s gang of liberal turds are no better than the IRS going after protected speech by going after conservative groups such as the 501(c) scandal.

Here is post that was take down by Facebook. Was it by the City? Was it the NSPD is doing this in their spare time because they are as corrupt as the city officials?Many would say the PD and the administration is lawless and will violate your constitutional rights in a heartbeat. The system is rouge and is complicit in this behavior.

I got a screen capture of the “offending post”

Let me say this NOW! This is NOT Facebook run by children. If anyone has a beef about what I say go to Federal Court since my domain is secret and located in Canada. Do you have an extra 30K to hire a lawyer only for them to laugh at you then you will be sanctioned by the court for filing a frivolous lawsuit? One person tried a few years ago and lost BIG. I recovered all my attorney fees and the court gave me an additional 10K for frivolous non standing claim which I promptly put that as a down payment on new Harley– thank you.

Here is an example of hypocrisy by one of those lovable maybe uninformed liberals that side with the city.

adjective: stupid; comparative adjective: stupider; superlative adjective: stupidest
  1. 1.
    lacking intelligence or common sense.
    “I was stupid enough to think she was perfect”


CaseySo this is how Liberals see the world they can call me a jerk but if you call them stupid they cry to Facebook and say your being mean to them and FB pulls the post.


Journalists/bloggers/newspapers are the same under the law and US Supreme Court has affirmed that they enjoy

Lesson of the day:

What constitutes defamation:

In order to sue for defamation of character, it’s not enough that somebody express or publish a defamatory statement. There must also be real damage caused by the statement.

Compliments of the Electronic Freedom Foundation:

What is defamation?

Generally, defamation is a false and unprivileged statement of fact that is harmful to someone’s reputation, and published “with fault,” meaning as a result of negligence or malice. State laws often define defamation in specific ways. Libel is a written defamation; slander is a spoken defamation.

What are the elements of a defamation claim?

The elements that must be proved to establish defamation are:

  1. a publication to one other than the person defamed;
  2. a false statement of fact;
  3. that is understood as
  • a. being of and concerning the plaintiff; and
  • b. tending to harm the reputation of plaintiff.
  • If the plaintiff is a public figure, he or she must also prove actual malice.

Is truth a defense to defamation claims?

Yes. Truth is an absolute defense to a defamation claim. But keep in mind that the truth may be difficult and expensive to prove.

Can my opinion be defamatory?

No—but merely labeling a statement as your “opinion” does not make it so. Courts look at whether a reasonable reader or listener could understand the statement as asserting a statement of verifiable fact. (A verifiable fact is one capable of being proven true or false.) This is determined in light of the context of the statement. A few courts have said that statements made in the context of an Internet bulletin board or chat room are highly likely to be opinions or hyperbole, but they do look at the remark in context to see if it’s likely to be seen as a true, even if controversial, opinion (“I really hate George Lucas’ new movie”) rather than an assertion of fact dressed up as an opinion (“It’s my opinion that Trinity is the hacker who broke into the IRS database”).

What is a statement of verifiable fact?

A statement of verifiable fact is a statement that conveys a provably false factual assertion, such as someone has committed murder or has cheated on his spouse. To illustrate this point, consider the following excerpt from a court (Vogel v. Felice) considering the alleged defamatory statement that plaintiffs were the top-ranking ‘Dumb Asses’ on defendant’s list of “Top Ten Dumb Asses”:

A statement that the plaintiff is a “Dumb Ass,” even first among “Dumb Asses,” communicates no factual proposition susceptible of proof or refutation. It is true that “dumb” by itself can convey the relatively concrete meaning “lacking in intelligence.” Even so, depending on context, it may convey a lack less of objectively assayable mental function than of such imponderable and debatable virtues as judgment or wisdom. Here defendant did not use “dumb” in isolation, but as part of the idiomatic phrase, “dumb ass.” When applied to a whole human being, the term “ass” is a general expression of contempt essentially devoid of factual content. Adding the word “dumb” merely converts “contemptible person” to “contemptible fool.” Plaintiffs were justifiably insulted by this epithet, but they failed entirely to show how it could be found to convey a provable factual proposition. … If the meaning conveyed cannot by its nature be proved false, it cannot support a libel claim.

This California case also rejected a claim that the defendant linked the plaintiffs’ names to certain web addresses with objectionable addresses (i.e., noting “merely linking a plaintiff’s name to the word “satan” conveys nothing more than the author’s opinion that there is something devilish or evil about the plaintiff.”

Is there a difference between reporting on public and private figures?

Yes. A private figure claiming defamation—your neighbor, your roommate, the guy who walks his dog by your favorite coffee shop—only has to prove you acted negligently, which is to say that a “reasonable person” would not have published the defamatory statement.

A public figure must show “actual malice”—that you published with either knowledge of falsity or in reckless disregard for the truth. This is a difficult standard for a plaintiff to meet.

Who is a public figure?

A public figure is someone who has actively sought, in a given matter of public interest, to influence the resolution of the matter. In addition to the obvious public figures—a government employee, a senator, a presidential candidate—someone may be a limited-purpose public figure. A limited-purpose public figure is one who (a) voluntarily participates in a discussion about a public controversy, and (b) has access to the media to get his or her own view across. One can also be an involuntary limited-purpose public figure—for example, an air traffic controller on duty at time of fatal crash was held to be an involuntary, limited-purpose public figure, due to his role in a major public occurrence.

Examples of public figures:

  • A former city attorney and an attorney for a corporation organized to recall members of city counsel
  • A psychologist who conducted “nude marathon” group therapy
  • A land developer seeking public approval for housing near a toxic chemical plant
  • Members of an activist group who spoke with reporters at public events

Corporations are not always public figures. They are judged by the same standards as individuals.

What are the rules about reporting on a public proceeding?

In some states, there are legal privileges protecting fair comments about public proceedings. For example, in California you have a right to make “a fair and true report in, or a communication to, a public journal, of (A) a judicial, (B) legislative, or (C) other public official proceeding, or (D) of anything said in the course thereof, or (E) of a verified charge or complaint made by any person to a public official, upon which complaint a warrant has been issued.” This provision has been applied to posting on an online message board, Colt v. Freedom Communications, Inc., and would likely also be applied to blogs. The California privilege also extends to fair and true reports of public meetings, if the publication of the matter complained of was for the public benefit.

What is a “fair and true report”?

A report is “fair and true” if it captures the substance, gist, or sting of the proceeding. The report need not track verbatim the underlying proceeding, but should not deviate so far as to produce a different effect on the reader.

What if I want to report on a public controversy?

Many jurisdictions recognize a “neutral reportage” privilege, which protects “accurate and disinterested reporting” about potentially libelous accusations arising in public controversies. As one court put it, “The public interest in being fully informed about controversies that often rage around sensitive issues demands that the press be afforded the freedom to report such charges without assuming responsibility for them.”

If I write something defamatory, will a retraction help?

Some jurisdictions have retraction statutes that provide protection from defamation lawsuits if the publisher retracts the allegedly defamatory statement. For example, in California, a plaintiff who fails to demand a retraction of a statement made in a newspaper or radio or television broadcast, or who demands and receives a retraction, is limited to getting “special damages”—the specific monetary losses caused by the libelous speech. While few courts have addressed retraction statutes with regard to online publications, a Georgia court denied punitive damages based on the plaintiff’s failure to request a retraction for something posted on an Internet bulletin board. (See Mathis v. Cannon)

If you get a reasonable retraction request, it may help you to comply. The retraction must be “substantially as conspicuous” as the original alleged defamation.

What if I change the person’s name?

To state a defamation claim, the person claiming defamation need not be mentioned by name—the plaintiff only needs to be reasonably identifiable. So if you defame the “government executive who makes his home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” it is still reasonably identifiable as the president.

Do blogs have the same constitutional protections as mainstream media?

Yes. The US Supreme Court has said that “in the context of defamation law, the rights of the institutional media are no greater and no less than those enjoyed by other individuals and organizations engaged in the same activities.”

No PISS OFF if you don’t like what you read.

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The Nazis are back in the form of Dr. Mary Gatter Planned Parenthood channeling Josef Mengele

The angel of death:

Ruth Graham wife of Evangelist Billy Graham  said something prophetic about abortion in 1965, already seeing the backslide by those ever loving Hippies and dope smoking idiots that are now the establishment that they themselves HATED so much. That’s why Liberals and progressives are the biggest hypocrites and liars on the earth to the point of pathology. She said this in an interview about her husbands new book -World Aflame.

“If God doesn’t soon bring judgment upon America, He’ll have to go back and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!”

The farther we get from God, the more the world spirals out of control.

My heart aches for America and its deceived people. The wonderful news is that our Lord is a God of mercy, and He responds to repentance. In Jonah’s day, Nineveh was the lone world superpower—wealthy, unconcerned, and self-centered. When the Prophet Jonah finally traveled to Nineveh and proclaimed God’s warning, people heard and repented.

I actually thought this hideous looking sunken faced creeper from the dead wanted some sort of adulation from her friends and piers, or wanted to get rich from her notions of selling vacuumed packed bags of tiny hands, feet, eyes, livers, legs, hearts and eyes from duped black women in the Democrat urban inner cities who have abortions on-demand, without thought and corralled in to those clinic like hogs for slaughter; explains why we might see here in light of the world as just other greedy person, or even that mentally ill left idiolect. NOPE! What she wants is a new car! Unbelievable!

During the video, nit wit Gatter talks about less harmful abortion methods that would allow for doctors to extract a higher quality of organ from fetuses. She calls this method “less crunchy.” Gatter notes that there may be a protocol issue with some patients, but ultimately it would be fine. Later in the video, Gatter also unequivocally states that Planned Parenthood is “not in it for the money.” This video was shot in February 2015 in Pasadena. At the end of the clip, Gatter jokes with the actors, saying she wants a Lamborghini in exchange for the organs.

In 2014, Gatter was honored with a “Women Mean Business” award by Democratic California Senator Carol Liu at a luncheon in the Pasadena Hilton. She was named as one of the top women in science in the state. According to Senator Liu’s website, she has a “100 Percent Score for her voting record on Women’s Healthcare Services.”

Hey! does anyone out there want to chime in on what a sociopath looks like?

Does this women need to be crucified? I say yes…but for her there is no resurrection.

She’s 70 year late to run another death camp, or maybe not.

Under her watch 60 million children have been KILLED! Hitler would be proud!

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North Saint Paul In Deep Trouble With Failed Fiber Optic System

By Tom Steward | Watchdog Minnesota Bureau

Nine years after becoming one of the first cities in Minnesota to install a high-speed fiber optic line, North St. Paul City Council members are asking whether it was a smart investment

Since 2006, the Twin Cities suburb has raided $2,280,000 from the city’s electric utility account to prop up the communications system.

“If we sell it, if we lease it, and if we want to try to lease it, how do we go about this to get some customers? We go right by some big companies,” said longtime North St. Paul City Councilor Jan Wakczak. “… We have some amazing opportunities, and I guess the big question is, How do we pursue them? Do we have to hire somebody to do this, or can it be done in-house?”

Supposedly, the high-tech fiber cable would lay the groundwork for getting into the business of providing residents video, phone and Internet. But when taxpayers overwhelmingly voted down the proposed PolarNet network in 2009, the fiber cable backbone was already in place.

The rest of the story HERE

RELATED: Clock ticks on failing Minnesota municipal broadband network


The continuation of the painful slow death of a city caused by incompetent fools.  The new city manager puppet has his strings pulled by the Marxist/progressive/uber left wing nit wit Mayor Mike Kuehn.

Say that to his face and watch him go crazy! Wear a face mask or keep out of arms reach, his cheese has slid of off the burger. The contemptible bastard will not stop until the city goes into bankruptcy… Then HA! HA! Good bye big fat royal pensions. -NSPN

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Mayor Ed Lee- Mirkarami and the Board of Supervisors are responsible for the MURDER of Kate Steinle

Bill O’Reilly Talking Points

“That’s because San Francisco is a sanctuary city that does not cooperate with the federal government, even on holding and identifying criminal aliens,” he explained. “Sanchez was in custody in San Francisco and … Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi let him out, defying ICE officials.”

“The Factor” host said that Mirkarimi should resign immediately.

“I mean what kind of law officer allows a known felon to walk free when the feds want him in custody?” O’Reilly asked. “The sheriff is incompetent … And so are the folks who run the city of San Francisco, most of whom are now hiding.”

O’Reilly argued that Steinle is “collateral damage to the insane far-left politics that have long corrupted the city by the bay.”

He said that dangerous people are “walking around because of political correctness.”

“The mayor and the supervisors want to seem sympathetic to illegal aliens,” O’Reilly added. “That’s what this is all about, them and their liberal profile. The whole thing is absolutely disgusting.”

Reporter Watters confronts the the commissioner who would not eve look up at HER PICTURE! SAID NOTHING! and said NEXT SPEAKER!



Sanctuary cities are illegal under the “Immigration Reform Act”  forbids sanctuary cities under Federal law. San Fransisco thumbs its noses at obeying this law. The Mayor, the Sheriff and all 11 board of supervisors should go to jail and be sued into oblivion. There is a special place in hell for these losers.

Sanfransico 026
The Shameful immoral WIFE BEATING scumbag S.F. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi  defends Releasing 7 time FELON to the streets slaughter 32 year old Kate Steinle – The gun was stolen from a vehicle belonging to a federal Bureau of Land Management agent.

The Sherriff has committed a Felony under US 8 Code 1324. He should be arrested and charged. He proclaims he is above the law as we speak!

This low life scum bag also was charged with physically abusing his wife as exposed on Megan Kelly on Fox News. He had a nice plea deal arrangement and quickly tried to have have it expunged so did he have his head up ass so much did not think about anything except how to save his pathetic own ass? Naw… He’s a stupid little man who forgets public interest and safety.

Back in march the political tool had another scandalous run in as reported by

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi may be the loneliest person at City Hall these days, after last week’s allegations that deputies had forced prisoners to fight each other has eroded support among those who had stood behind him through his previous troubles.

Allegations by San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi that at least four sheriff’s deputies arranged and gambled on fights between inmates couldn’t come at a worse time for Mirkarimi. The former city supervisor is trying to burnish his legacy as a progressive, forward-thinking sheriff in advance of the November election despite the lingering taint of domestic violence charges against him three years ago.

Two other recent revelations — a mistake by sheriff’s deputies last week led to the escape of a federally indicted drug trafficker and a video camera in December recorded a sheriff’s deputy choking and then arresting a patient at San Francisco General Hospital — add to a perception that the Sheriff’s Department is poorly managed.

“Voters don’t have a lot of trust in this sheriff, and this kind of exacerbates that,” said Nicole Derse, who ran Mirkarimi’s campaign for supervisor in 2004 but has since become a strong critic.

Supervisor David Campos, who voted to keep Mirkarimi in office after Mayor Ed Lee suspended him following the 2011 domestic violence incident, in which Mirkarimi admitted bruising his wife’s arm during an argument, said the latest allegations “shock the conscience.”

“The idea that there is an environment where in our jail system inmates can be forced to fight each other. There is something that goes to the heart of how the day-to-day operations of a jail function,” Campos said.

Supervisor Jane Kim, who also voted to reinstate Mirkarimi, said she lost faith in his ability to lead the department.
Sanfransico 022

Sanfransico 024Edwin-Lee

The Mayor is hiding under his desk, the little coward is running from reporters. His office staff says he has sent out a “note” to the public. What? What was the response from this mayor? He calls it a gaffe!

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A President who is more concerned about lighting the White House in rainbow colors- Christians being SLAUGHTERED

Thousands of Christians & Yazidis fleeing for their lives from ISIS death squads with nothing but their children & whatever they can carry on the Syrian/Iraqi border.

Where is America!

Isis death squad1Isis death squad

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American Sniper Wife Taya Kyle Destroys Hillary Clinton in One Sentence


American Sniper Wife Taya Kyle Destroys Hillary Clinton in One Sentence. Taya Kyle is sounding the alarm and informing America that Hillary Clinton is not to be trusted! Just because Hillary is a woman is no reason why women should vote for her.


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