Obama argues with Obama on whether presidents should use executive actions to get around Congress

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Dr. (Psychiatrist) Charles Krauthammer argued that tonight’s results refute the assumption that the demographics of the country were trending toward Democrats being the “party of the future.”

“In all of these, the effect of the charismatic leader – and that began slipping away from the beginning – it’s now completely gone. … I think this is the end of an era for Democrats,” said Krauthammer.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are now irrelevant until the end of the world. The racist, and the little angry bitches have been put down like rabid dogs.

Now we can get on with the peoples business of FREEDOM and reconstruction of a country almost lost to the party of abominable LIES…EVERYONE KNOWS KNOW.

Liberals are such assholes how they treat certain groups of people like their own; like they own them – Slaves? The DFL should change its name to some kind of KLAN.

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Justice Whitethorn For Congress- Maplewood Oakdale North St. Paul- BRING BACK SANITY


You can see the GIGANTIC difference after going to Justice Whitethorn’s website and blog where he points out quite succinctly the States monumental miss steps, glitches, partisanship and giant tax grabbing efforts through a run away legislature signed by Statist DFL Governor Dayton, and the BIG UNION backed baggage handler Leon Lillie who rode his fathers coat tails (Lillie News in North St. Paul).

Leon born to privilege, was first elected to North St. Paul city council like other left wing nut jobs like (omitted the phrase “Under God” from the pledge during a House session) Betty McCollum, and Chuck Wiger attorney for Securian; a big union pension fund and annuity management company and former North St. Paul City Council Hack who have followed the Statist agenda of STUPID from day one making MN one the most highly taxed states in the country.

Leon Lillie has done nothing for his district except get a bike tunnel at Margret Street and Hwy 36 which knocked out the off ramp into the city which has help cripple the city he championed while on the council.

Leon Lillie’s  is an Obama crony -vote your wallet political insider hack who whines like a little girl if he can’t get his way, is a fraud just like every other Liberal who lies and says anything to win which shows his lack of morals.

“I look forward to working in a bi-partisan way to make progress on critical issues: health care, education, transportation, and property taxes” Leon Lillie   Really?


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An Assault On A Reporter Doing His Job By A Crazy Coordinator Woman- NH Pumpkin Fest

I don’t normally do these kinds of stories but this is a classic liberal piece of crap thinking they can ignore constitutional rights of others, yet at the same time commit an assault.

Keene, NH-  Saturday’s celebration of the annual Pumpkin Festival in Keene, New Hampshire turned chaotic as Keene State College students and travelers to the event became drunk and disorderly. Much of the mayhem- including rioters throwing liquor bottles, setting fire to various objects, and flipping over dumpsters and a vehicle- occurred on the outskirts of the festival’s location on Main Street.

Festival coordinator Ruth Sterling appeared to object to local news coverage of the rioting. The video above, from Keene public access station Cheshire TV’s Channel 8, shows Sterling repeatedly grabbing for reporter Jared Goodell’s microphone even after he criticized her for preventing him from doing his job.

“Right now Ruth Sterling who is the festival coordinator is on site here, uh is being uh, well, she’s not letting me do my job and to report to you. She would not like me to tell you what is going on at Keene State College,” said Goodell as Sterling attempted several times to take away his microphone.

“Now I’m being called a Free Stater,” he said.

Goodell told Benswann.com that he is not a Free State Project participant.

Sterling emphasized that the Pumpkin Festival was “100% safe” and the riots were not near the festival. “So if you think that inciting these people is a good idea,” Sterling said to Goodell, “I am going to pull the plug on you. Because you are a guest of the Keene Pumpkin Festival and I have assigned you this spot.”

“You heard it here first everybody,” said Goodell as Sterling circled him and continued attempting to wrestle away the microphone, “when you report the news, when you report the reality, the people in charge want to shut you down. This is against freedom of the press, folks.”

“We have been bringing you coverage all day. Yes, Ruth is correct that this festival is very important for Keene. We have been reporting that all day long,” said Goodell.


She later called him a PUNK! instead of saying she was sorry for being an idiot. Report Goodell is now on a nation wide media tour- This woman needs to be fired, have her head examined or replaced- she’s lucky she did not get arrested herself.

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Benghazi Select Committee Chair Trey Gowdy: Panetta must testify- We must learn the truth about #Benghazi

Darrell Issa

Open Letter:


October 10, 2014

Hon. Trey Gowdy
House Select Committee on Benghazi
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Mr. Chairman:

As you are well aware, on May 8, 2014, the House of Representatives adopted H. Res. 567 “Providing for the Establishment of the Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi, Libya”. With the publication this week of former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s book, Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leaders in War and Peace, the need for such an inquiry has become both indisputable and even more urgent.

In particular, it is clear that there is more – and likely much more – that has yet to be established about the murderous September 11, 2012 jihadist attack on American facilities in Benghazi and those assigned to them. Indeed, former Secretary Panetta is providing an account of the Benghazi attacks that differs dramatically from what President Obama and his spokesmen presented in the hours, days and weeks after the attack.

For example, when shown a video clip of the former security contractors who defended the CIA Annex, who described how they were told to stand down that night by their superiors, Mr. Panetta agreed that Congress needed to investigate their story. Secretary Panetta has claimed that he set in motion a number of military units that night. Why was none of them directed to actually reach Benghazi? Who gave the ultimate order to U.S. military forces not to come to the rescue of our people in Benghazi that night? Was it the Secretary of State? The President? Or someone else? If so, on whose authority?

In addition, Mr. Panetta is saying in the course of his book tour that he disagreed with the assessment of CIA Director David Petraeus that the attacks were a demonstration turned violent. But what was the source of Gen. Petraeus’ assessment, since we know from other congressional committees that the CIA station chief in Tripoli was emailing the Director’s deputy, Mike Morell, within 48 hours of the attacks, telling him emphatically there had been no demonstration in Benghazi that night?

The need for full accountability for what really happened in Benghazi – and to establish how to prevent such murderous attacks on our foreign missions in the future – has taken on even greater urgency in light of recent developments with ominous implications for American diplomats, military personnel and security contractors overseas. These include:

  • This summer, we had to evacuate our embassy in Tripoli, Libya because of threatening jihadist operations there.
  • This week, our embassy in Sanaa, Yemen has come under attack – reportedly putting another 80 Americans at risk from jihadists who are openly boasting of their plans to kill Americans.
  • Should Baghdad fall to the Islamic State in coming weeks or, more likely, the Green Zone come under enemy fire, some1000 of our countrymen and women could be at risk.

Has our government learned the lessons of Benghazi? Does it have actionable plans in place that will provide for the defense of our embassies and people in Sanaa or Baghdad?

We believe that Congress has a responsibility to get to the bottom of such questions as a matter of the utmost urgency. Otherwise, more American lives may be on the line and needlessly lost.

Clearly, the fact that the House of Representatives is in recess is not an impediment to holding hearings in the immediate future as you and other Members of Congress have been returning to Washington in recent days to hold high-profile hearings concerning a Secret Service scandal and the spread of Ebola. It strains credulity that Congress cannot find time for hearings about an act of war in which four Americans – including our ambassador – were killed, with many others seriously wounded as sovereign American territory was attacked by terrorist enemies determined to murder more of us. We know for a fact that the Islamic State, al Qaeda, Iran and a growing universe of jihadists are busy plotting to create more Benghazis, here and elsewhere.

What is the select congressional committee doing to prevent that?

We respectfully request that you make plain to the American people, who are seeking the truth and anxious to avoid any repetition of Benghazi that might arise from its continued suppression, that you will promptly secure the testimony under oath of Secretary Panetta and the other principals and key subordinates who have first-hand knowledge of the events that took place on the night of the 11th of September. In light of the stakes, hearings for this purpose should be held this month, not weeks and weeks from now.

Sincerely (signatories as of 5:47 PM EDT – 10/11/14),

Andrew C. McCarthy, Chairman, Benghazi Accountability Coalition

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., President & CEO, Center for Security Policy

Charles Woods, Father of Ty Woods, victim of 9/11/2012 terror attack in Benghazi

Pat Smith, Mother of Sean Smith, victim of 9/11/2012 terror attack in Benghazi

Michael Ingmire, Musician, Writer, Activist, Uncle of Sean Smith, victim of 9/11/2012 terror attack in Benghazi

Allen Roth, President, Secure America Now

Sandy Rios,  Director of Governmental Affairs for AFA

Paul Caprio, Director of Family Pac Federal

Kenneth Blackwell, former U.S. ambassador, UN Human Rights Commission

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, ConservativeHQ.com

Dick Brauer, Colonel, US Air Force (Retired), Co-Founder of Special Operations Speaks and member, Citizens Commission on Benghazi

Ken Benway, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Retired), Co-Founder of Special Operations Speaks

Dennis B. Haney, Lietenant Colonel, US Air Force (Retired), Special Operations Speaks

Daniel W. (Jake) Jacobowitz, Political-Military Consultant

Andrea Lafferty, President, Traditional Values Coalition

Rev. Lou Sheldon, Chairman & Founder, Traditional Values Coalition

Thomas McInerney, Lieutenant General, USAF (Retired), Citizens Commission on Benghazi

Wayne V. Morris, Colonel, US Marine Corps, (Retired), Citizens Commission on Benghazi

Kevin M. Shipp, Citizens Commission on Benghazi

Charles Jones, Brigadier General, US Air Force (Retired), Citizens Commission on Benghazi

John A. Shaw, Citizens Commission on Benghazi

Clare Lopez, Vice President, Center for Security Policy

Joseph E. Schmitz, Former Inspector General of the Department of Defense

Tera Dahl, Executive Director, Council on Global Security

Brigitte Gabriel, Founder & CEO, ACT for America

Anita MonCrief, Advisory Board Member , Black Conservatives Fund 

Elaine Donnelly, President, Center for Military Readiness

Allen B. West, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Retired)

Fred Fleitz, Former CIA analyst and Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy

Roger Noriega, former US Assistant Secretary of State and Ambassador to the OAS

Henry F. Cooper, Ambassador and former Chief U.S. Negotiator at the Defense and Space Talks and former Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative

Paul E Vallely, Major General, US Army (Retired), Chairman, Stand Up America

Roger Aronoff, Citizens Commission on Benghazi

William G. “Jerry” Boykin, Lt. General, US Army Special Forces Command (Retired)

James A. “Ace” Lyons, Admiral, US Navy (Retired), President/CEO, LION Associates, LLC

Dr. Ron Crews, CH, Colonel, US Army (Retired), Executive Director, Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty

C. Preston Noell III, President, Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.

Kenneth R. Timmerman, Author, Dark Forces:  The Truth About What Happened in Benghazi

David N. Bossie, President, Citizens United

Ginni Thomas, President, Liberty Consulting, LLC

John Fonte, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Abigail Thernstrom, Adjunct Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Michael Ledeen, Freedom Scholar, Foundation for Defense of Democracy; former Vice-chair, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Ronald D. Rotunda, The Doy & Dee Henley Chair and Distinguished Professor of Jurisprudence,
Chapman University

Roger L. Simon, Co-founder, PJ Media
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Alison Grimes: Stop asking me if I voted for Obama VIDEO

On “Morning Joe” Friday morning, “Meet The Press” moderator Chuck Todd came to the conclusion that Alison Lundergan Grimes may have “disqualified herself” after she repeatedly refused to answer who she voted for in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.

Barack Hussein Obama’s progressive socialist acolytes have been known to think of Obama as something of a messiah – even though he falls very short.

However, now he knows how the real Messiah must have felt when Peter denied him three times.

Kentucky Democrat Senatorial candidate Allison Lundegran Grimes topped Peter during an editorial board meeting. When pressed whether or not she voted for Obama, she denied him four times. Seems there’s a lot of denying of Obama by Democrats these days — deservedly so. -Allen West

Chuck Todd

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Obama-Franken Almer Mada Liberal Cabal Harvard Students Believe U.S. Is Bigger Threat Than ISIS

– “It’s America. America’s making decisions that are much more likely to affect the world.”

– “We’re to blame for a lot of the problems we’re facing now.”

– “American imperialism and our protection of oil interests in the Middle East are destabilizing the region.”

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The Dithering Little Indonesian Boy Will Take Time To Drop By The Pentagon While Thousands Being Slaughtered

It’s crystal clear to all conservatives even democrats in denial that this president and his political underlings have taken a shit all over us and the rest of the world.  When 10 out of 10 random democrats don’t know who Joe Biden is, 10 out of 10 college students can’t tell you what the 3 branches of government are, and 10 Harvard students when asked who poses the most danger to world,  ISIS or America then pick America; you know things are spiraling into the sun.

The Commander in Chief will “drop by” the Pentagon today on his way to a series of 6-7 fundraising events across the country for the rest of this week. I have to bring out an interesting comparison. Obama’s massive air strikes have yielded five such actions in Kobani against ISIS over the last two days but Obama has done more and will do more fundraisers over this week — where is his emphasis? His BFF Turkish leader Recip Tayyip Erdogan sits back and watches what will be a slaughter of Syrian Kurds refusing any assistance to thwart ISIS — and BHO is at fundraisers. An Air Force family was targeted online by Islamists. Fundraisers. Is there a crisis of leadership in America? We would have to have leadership in order to have a crisis — there is an ABSENCE of leadership.

Democrats and liberals have been proven time and time again to be very uninformed and just plain stupid for just about anything happening around them or in the world they live in. And yes, they get to vote.

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Disgraced Lois Lerner Runs From Reporter Tries To Barge Into Neighbors House

Shoes on the other foot.

Disgraced former IRS official Lois Lerner attempted to barge into a neighbor’s home to dodge questions about her role in the targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups and her infamous missing emails.

Jason Mattera, author of the new book Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars, approached Lerner on the street in her upscale neighborhood just outside Washington, D.C. and asked Lerner if she wanted to apologize to conservatives or to comment on her role in “using the government as a weapon to crush political dissent.”

Lerner then dashed across a neighbor’s yard and began knocking on the door. An elderly woman refused to let Lerner in and said she recently had surgery. “Could you call the police?” Lerner asks the woman, who remained shielded behind the closed door. “Please let me in,” said Lerner. “These guys are with the press and they’re not leaving me alone.”

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Where Is the World?': ‘Large-Scale Massacre’ Looms as ISIS Closes In on Kobani

DAYS AWAY this nightmare will come true because OBAMA IS a SOCIOPATH AND CARES LESS ABOUT AMERICANS PEOPLE BEING BUTCHERED..It’s all about politics.

50,000 men women and children likely to to dig their own graves and be killed – and this is FUN for the off shoot of Al-Qaeda. OBAMA DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT because the Mid Term elections are more important than babies, women, children and old people. GOD HELP THIS MADMAN.

Despite recent airstrikes from the United States and its allies along the strategic Syrian border city of Kobani, ISIS fighters are still on the advance and could be mere hours away from committing a “large-scale massacre.”

Kobani – which borders Turkey – is located in between two Syrian cities that ISIS already controls, Raqqa and Aleppo, making it of key importance.

Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot told Shannon Bream today that one official in the besieged city is warning of a “large-scale massacre” if ISIS fighters make it into Kobani.

“It is looking more and more likely that that will happen,” Palkot said, adding that several thousand ill-equipped Kurdish soldiers and their supporters are the only defense Kobani has.


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