Bus Garage Open — Looks bad with ornimental iron fence

My partner and I sat and watched utter chaos today as buses came and went. I will take a video in the future so you can see how this fiasco may impact the area of a future Anchor Crossing development.

Just like Councilwoman Walszack said but was cut short in mid-sentence by MAO Kuehn– The top of the buses make a nice frostingeque finish to the very pricey black ornamental wrought Iron fence surrounding the facility.

It is actually quite laughable because it looks like you viewing a zoo. It’s very transparent and silly looking. It should have been a respectable wood privacy fence.

Well, These child like bus drivers and others could not find a place to smoke their cigarettes so they congregated in the middle of street and blocked (impeded) traffic to chit chat. I mused over their utter disrespect for the the traffic that were trying to enter and leave the frontage road onto McKnight.

Maybe they can find a smoking table out in back, or maybe they can’t, but standing bunched up in the middle of street seems well, a tad stupid. These are people entrusted to drive your kids to and from school.

Also please pick up you butts, I did it for you. Also, one of you should try a filtered brand, you might live longer.

Reference Cost of land purchased->

Regarding the Purchase of Ochs Brick (owned billionaire Warren Buffet) in memorandum.




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