Old Bus Garage Property- Tax Dollars Lost

Commerce Park


Lets be clear folks. This is a matching funds GRANT.  The Grant is YOUR TAX MONEY and the City Matching amount of money is from the city which again is  YOUR TAX MONEY- A Tax hike.  In fact every dime is YOUR TAX MONEY.

IT IS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT Free money.  But they explain it in the way politicians always explain it especially Statists- Because they think your stupid. Are you? No different than calling an unborn baby a fetus (Latin) sounds better right? It Just becomes part of vernacular of the liberally ill defective reasoned-out mind nut that we have come to know and love.

Do you want your children and grand children to have jobs? All this so called money is coming from a State that is DEAD BROKE via raising your taxes.

They will NEVER take a PAY CUT or make concessions to their fat bloated health and pension plans because of the unions that protect them. You must sacrifice, you must downsize, you must go without, you must send your kids to a cheaper college, you must forget that retirement dream, you must pick up another job… NO, NO, not the government workers. Detroit here we come.

The City Lost roughly $180,000.00 in the Transfer but they call the relocation money for relocation a gain of $85,0000.00 which is really another loss to the TAX PAYER in the District which you pay into.  This is a shell game you always lose. The suposed loss in “only” $95,000.00.

I have confidential sources who said all contracts were NO BID (they will claim otherwise) and because of the expediency of the project in their minds cost you estimated extra 25% in TAX DOLLARS to build the bus garage.  Rational? “we just could not stand another winter in the old place” .

In a related matter:

Council Member Furlong on the exchange and future of the McKnight rd and Hwy 36 exchange and the 19.2 acres known as Anchor Crossing.

Council Member Furlong had the following statement: He thanked all those who gave him both positive and negative feedback and all the information provided. He weighed very hard on both sides, losing many nights of sleep. He learned a lot about CUPs and the process of getting this point. Just a few years we made a decision to re-do Highway 36 which ran from McKnight Road to Century Avenue.

This project eliminated two sets of lights and the access into our City was eliminated except for westbound on Margaret Street. With the elimination of entrances it now made two gateways into our City – McKnight and Century. I believe it has been the vision of the City to try and bring more desirable businesses into our City, especially in the gateway areas. This brings me to the 19 acres of Anchor Block that is now on the market. This parcel for many years housed a very industrial business, a business that did not fit the vision as desirable. This key property will determine what the McKnight Corridor will look like in the years to come. If you look at what the corridor represents today in development it reflects what the Anchor site brought to this area years ago. It is my opinion that the McKnight gateway would be a premier entrance into our community.

My second concern is the Urban Ecology Center. I know for a fact that the UEC does not get the use that it deserves and it is looked down at as more of a swamp, which I understand is like calling it a bad name. I believe this area and use is also reflective by what the corridor image has been in the past. My vision is definitely a few years out but again I see development that is more attractive that will bring the UEC into adesirable and much needed passive park for North St. Paul.

I agree that the plan is inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan.

Had enough?

“Keep asking questions, never stop seeking the truth, connect the dots and liberate yourself and your neighbors’

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