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Cops Gone Wild the psychopath edition- As reported by the news across the country and commented on by forensic Psychologists. Man shot multiple times for caring a pair of brake pads. Homeless man shot then eaten by police dog while he bleeds to death. “am going to shoot him in the penis”, Shootings in the back, and on and on.. All caught on tape…

The above is COPS with camera’s can you IMAGINE what the blue wall of cowards do when there is no one watching? Most cops when they pull you over is BUST YOU OR ARREST YOU PERIOD. They are cowards. Put them in a real military/infantry combat position would piss their pants. No comparison between low paid US soldiers and cops. NOT ONE!

COPS were either a bully as a kid or were on the other end of being bullied! There is a third group that are rare and do not fall in those obvious antithetical differentials, they are more like a professional, honorable, disciplined and faithful soldiers that intercede in the world on our behalf. When have you seen a state or nation come to a stand still for a single fallen soldier?

I have said this for TWENTY FIVE YEARS and here we are after all ABUSE and killings by cops: the military build up starting  with the low life scum bag Sheriff

John Bunnell

in the early 80’s who glorified high speed chases, harassing anyone mostly black people in the first “reality show” called cops. He was either a MORON or a racist.  I CALLED IT!  so you stupid cops who don’t want to be in the following catagory CHANGE your life.

“The mutated personality of the Authoritarian Cop”

1. He or she wishes to make his victims feel ridiculous and small.

2. Will abuse the target victim in such a way to destroy his self respect, break his will, and or make him give in.

3. Has idealizations and fantasies involving “total control” over another human being. this need for control becomes a passion and is experienced as an intoxicating power transforming “importance into omnipotence”.

4. Respects only power and the powerful above all and despises weakness and helplessness and emotional release and emotional expression.

5. Builds and orchestrates and creates scenarios and dramas where one tyrannizes those beneath him and also, is submissive to the powerful people above him in an unconscious wish to “fuse power” High speed chases where for minor traffic offenses fuels the need for the infantile megalomaniac act out and consequences are dead innocent bi standers, Quick to unload semi-automatic gun fire on subdued prisoners if a person makes a wrong move. Pretends to feel bad and morn after fulfilling the need to be a gunfight and kill, mostly in men who have an ugly repressed killer baser instinct. The kid who was picked on in school finally gets even.

6. Chooses his victim from those who are subordinate to him, comparatively powerless and those he can control… Thus this personality finds it “OK” to do acts of violence and hostility.

7. Has an interest in control or discipline of others because it reinforces his sense of authority, strength, and will…This willingness to make others bend can easily become an interest and conditioned behavior mutating into sadism.

8. Weakness excites the sadistic temperament of the cop and results in a satisfaction in anther’s suffering and is different than an assault on one capable of defending oneself.

9. The attitude of the sadist cop emerges with a contemptuous attitude of the superior toward the inferior.

10. These kinds of cops are constantly “taking their own measure” and live with a “self important” consciousness of there supposed superior achievement, education, rank, authority, I carry a gun and have badge, and a member of an elite fraternal organization of dangerous violent, malignant narcissistic bullies with access to secret files and wiretapping equipment to penetrate the privacy of its target. These Cops will lie at the drop of a hat and will twist and turn a report to make his victim pay.

11. This consciousness concerned with one’s quality includes the comparison to others and recognition of superiors and inferiors.

12. Have thoughts with exorbitant respect for superiors and implicit corresponding disdain for inferiors.

13. Has a dogmatic, conservative, proper standards and opinions that draw heavily upon conformity and respect for authority.

14. Believes that “discipline”, “obedience”, “coercion”, “manipulation”, “lying” and cruelty is necessary for the “proper training” and ‘the maintenance of order and proper standards’ and “the development of character” and “fulfillment of responsibilities”.

15. Believes that sadism is justifiable by pedagogical, moral, disciplinary, or corrective purposes and that sadism teaches the inferior respect for authority and right values and standards.

16. When his uncertain sense of personal authority is threatened by rebellion or protest, this “cop personality” becomes defensive, angry, punitive and arrogant to his so called inferiors.


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