LGA by MN City

Local Government Aid Look Up- (welfare) to cities.



In the following chart below, North. St. Paul received a 100% increase in LGA (welfare) in the 4 years from 2005 to 2009. This was DURING Republican Governor Pawlenty’s term.

Then the city blew all the money as fast as it came in, never enough, did not save a dime, and now the city leaders are all mortified because it going down. You see, it BANKED on it GOING up at those GIGANTIC yearly increases, just like homeowners who thought their house prices would go up double digits and the crashed. So why the big bump up in those years? DFL controlled house and Senate. Now the State went RED/Republican, that was a sucker punch they well deserved.

The money to cities is crashing, they just have not responded to it and so you see the give away of the Rec. Dept and other “joint powers” BS.

The city got an award for FAILING!!!  You can not make this stuff up people.


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