Crushed By Lies- Wind Mill P.R. Stunt


Unreliability story by KSTP 2010/01/28



Re: The above Minnesota wind turbines:


“They’re basically for public relations, educational purposes. They’re just not feasible for any significant amount of electrical generation,” said Dan Voss, Municipal Utilities Director for the City of Anoka. []


Site selection criteria: “Prominent visibility from major roads” []


“the total cost is $5 million, or about $417,000 per machine” []



Henkels & McCoy Says MMPA Wind Turbine Operational Problems Unrelated to Installation

Date Posted: February 1, 2010


Minneapolis, MN–Henkels & McCoy, Inc. (H & M), the contractor hired by the Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) to install 12 refurbished wind turbines, has been unfairly characterized as being responsible for the delayed start-up of the project, H&M stated today.

H&M, based in Pennsylvania with a local office in Lakeville, Dakota County, says, “We are in complete compliance with our contractual obligations to the MMPA Hometown WindPower project.”

The company, which has extensive experience in power utilities contracting across the U.S., disputes some public statements implying that H&M is at fault for the delay.

“We’ve properly done our job as contracted and want nothing more than to see the turbines fully operational and providing much-anticipated green energy to the thousands of homes and businesses in the 11 communities served by the MMPA,” adds H&M.

H & M was hired by MMPA to install the refurbished wind turbines that MMPA purchased from a California supplier.

Based on the installation contract, H & M had no role or responsibility in deciding on the turbine selection, design or specifications, or installation locations.

The turbines had previously been in service in California for several years, and H&M was not consulted regarding operational suitability, including climate compatibility.

H & M has told project officials repeatedly that it has done everything it was required to do by its contract with MMPA.

All of H & M’s work, as contracted, was tested and successfully verified by MMPA’s third-party testing agency.

H & M, an independently owned and operated family business for more than 86 years, stands by its work.

The company has offered to assist MMPA to resolve any operational issues with the turbines; however, it believes the turbine vendor, among others with project involvement, must be included in any corrective-action plan.


May 1. 2011

Unreliability – Wind is For Green P.R. in Minnesota.

The Windmill now only supplies .030% of the power required in North Saint Paul.  One full operating days out of 7 towards the 75,000 Kwh distributed.

The mill has been observed using MMPA output numbers and charted for one year by a local resident.  And for further clarification, just because it is spinning does not mean at all. that it is producing electricity.



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