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How it all works….In progress.

When I first moved into North Saint Paul in 1979 it was well known that the city had relatively low electric and utility charges compared to the then Northern States Power Co..

Well, that has changed through the years, at some point the city fathers learned that a profit could be made through selling electricity and that profit could go into the city coffers for other pet projects. Let me point out that municipal power companies in Minnesota are regulated differently and such price increases imposed on users vary and don’t require an approval by any state commission.

This will be a fairly exhaustive inside look at where we were and where we are and the key players along the way–A history lesson in government enterprising and how to ruin a city. I will try to be nice.

Surprisingly, the following was provided by the City.


1.  You pay more money for electricity in North Saint Paul by using MMPA than if you had Xcel.

2. You pay more for power because North Saint Paul takes a profit from your usage and it goes into city coffers.

3. The cost of the entire North Saint Paul Utility Department consistent of– Bloated Salaries, Union and non-union hourly wage rates all w/gold plated benefit packages.

4. The cost of  the portion of the “Garage Mahal” that the utility dept. occupies-you pay for.

5. The land used for the Utility Department is NON-Revenue generating.

6. The cost of all Utility Equipment and support vehicles you pay for.

7. Very few of the City Employees that work for the Department DO NOT live here and take their generous pay checks and spend their money elsewhere.

8. No Rebates or rather Rebates until the well runs dry.

Green Power Purchase Scam

In progress.


Then we have to factor in the wind mill.

To fund the project, MMPA sold $3.6 million in low-interest bonds, which the participating cities must repay.

Wally Wysopal, North St. Paul City manager, said residents won’t notice their monthly bills increase because the money will come directly from city funds.

The cost of each unit is $300.000 ea.

Lets be perfectly clear on his statement because Mr. Wysopal thinks all of you are blooming idiots (maybe you are) and would have you think or is so thick in the head that it isn’t going to cost you. WRONG.

Under-the-radar Wysopal said this:  “Directly from City funds”

For all you “Idiots” out there. Where do City funds come from?  TAX DOLLARS –that, uhh, would be you, whether or not it is in the form of Federal grants and taxes, State grants and taxes, County taxes, City levies and taxes, Surcharges, Fees or any other cute name for taking your money.

This antiquated wind turbine is worn out, was not properly refurbished and has used up its service life and was not worth half of what they paid for it, in addition to it’s ill-conceived, poorly sited location.


The maintenance costs and power to “energize” it, warm it up, keep the electronics hot, turn the journal to keep it lubed will take a large bite out of its supposed capacity. 110 homes is joke and they are laughing at you. The City Website has been updated several times (corrected) and is now more accurate, however, they claim that:

  • We expect the turbine to produce energy about 50% of the time.

I think that is a stretch and then you have offset gains by the losses.

Are these the same Wind Turbines purchased from the same company in California built in the late 80′s -are high atop a ridge facing into much higher winds and operates at 48% of the time?

The nicely done MMPA Wind Turbine proposal of 2009 has some flaws and omissions that should be pointed out.

Page 13, 14, 15, shows the Wind Turbine from a certain distance –North, South, East… Whoops! No West?  Interesting that the West view would be left out since the prevailing winds are FROM THE WEST.

Here is the missing page.

The Turbine is only 80 feet tall not 115. 115 feet tall to the top of the blade when it is vertical. Some reports claim that it is taller (you know who), not so.

Avant claims that it is the cleanest form of electricity. Not so- Hydro is, and so is Solar.

Avant claims they were refurbished– No,  not completely.  The yaw rings were not cleaned and had old grease in it.  And as you know much work went into getting them running according to Millwright source who worked on it told me.

Maybe just a power wash and a coat of paint? No one is talking any further.

All eleven (11) of the windmills are the same. They are all used windmills from California which were deemed to be no longer useful even with the subsidies for the electricity produced. There must be less wind in Anoka– if Anoka’s will only provide electricity for 40 homes, or maybe they got a bad one. Or maybe there is too much wind in Anoka so that it can’t be operated as much as the one in North St. Paul (NSP). The Prime Minister of NSP again said last Tuesday that the windmill would not operate if there was too much wind.

Blame it on the WIND will be the excuse from now on.

Since the Prime Minister of NSP is also the Chairman of the Board of the Minnesota Municipal Power Association and is the main brains behind this fiasco, he tends to inflate any claims about electricity produced by these white elephants.

It appears to me (and others), which never ceases to amaze me. the apathy, the lack of involvement by citizens in their own community. Apparently, the most important thing on the mind of North Saint Paul sheeple and for the obligatory anointed 8 people who show up at council meetings is receiving their monthly Buck thorn credit acknowledgment or award for the best in gardening contest-least not the omnipresent need for the council to get their mugs on TV or uploaded to the internet.

Unclefoggy off  Topix,com stated Councilman Furlongs position this way.

Sorry to steal this thread from its highly technical bent and bring it back to the earth of talking about North St. Paul where this boondoggle reject from California windmill has been set up.

I do not share your assessment, Dave, of Furlong. He was conveniently missing in action at the council meeting where the revenue bonds were voted on to cover the doubling of the cost of the Garage Mahal. Seems that attending this meeting to vote on the bonds and be on record for the continued fleecing of NSP residents conflicted with his vacation plans. Why should he worry about the resultant increase in the electric rates which will be used to pay off the bonds? His business is located in Oakdale and is serviced by Xcel.

He is not going to make any waves because he was appointed to the council and he is beholding to the mayor and other council members who appointed him. They have got him where they want him.

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