Inside 622 School District

North High School Violating Students Constitutional Rights–Law suit pending.

Based on information from the parents of a North High School student and others. A grievance (ultimately ignored) was lodged against a policy regarding a freshman mentoring program that discriminates students based on Gender, and Race in order to “balance the integrity” of the program although the program has no meritorious standing or material facts for doing so, and thus violates the students constitutional rights.

The program which will be named in an update deems it appropriate to do so to “maintain the integrity of the program”. As written in their own statement.

This complaint was made to the assistant of the Assistant Superintendent Troy Miller who assured one of the parents complaint that all concerns would be addressed. After 2 weeks of no response a series of legal demands where made to Patty Phillips the Superintendent of the School District 622 who promptly made the same gesture of expediency, and then reneged on her first response to look into it personally by tossing it down to the Principle of the school. No contact by the School Principle was made either to the student or the parents.

The parents with a stack of evidence and statements from other students will be revealed in the legal complaint against School District 622.

A dead line has come and gone and it appears that nothing has been done since no contact has been made regarding the grievance has been made and the school year is over.

The parents of the students plan to file a lawsuit seeking relief and an injunction against the the 622 School district regarding the program that is in question to stop any more discrimination.

As more information is obtained, more information on this story will be released.  There are countless others that have suffered the same maltreatment under the control of the school official who responsible for policy and answers to the School Board.  Nothing more will be added until the investigation is complete.

I called the office to get the schools sided of the story but there was no response.

Classic deny, and deny and then ignore.

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