#Israel NO MORE CEASE FIRES– Full Scale War Until The Threat Is Neutralized- Gives Kerry Finger

Most Americans don’t understand what just happened concerning this war with Israel. No more cease fires, means that Israel according to the law gave ambassadors every chance to work out a peaceful solution with Hamas. Since Muslim law has within it a copy of Hebrew law, Muslims fully understand that Hamas has just waved its right to clemency under the law. What this means is the kid gloves come off for Israel related to Hamas.

This war will take a very different turn from this point foreword as Israel will give no quarter and no mercy to any Hamas or suspected Hamas. Israel will destroy Hamas until its completely lays down its arms and surrenders. No other option will be accepted from Hamas by Israel.

That is the speech you are observing here, it is the speech which defines the grave conditions of this war and what Israel must do in order to survive it. In the end, when the smoke clears, there will be no Hamas to speak of, they will be virtually non-existant in Palestine. This is not the decision Israel had hoped for, but they understand it is the duty they must accept related to Hamas, there is simply no other way to end the conflict with Hamas except their extinction.

Juxtapose President Obama regarding the largest invasion of a foreign nation in history:

My fellow Americans, I am sorry about the Mexican people and the people of South America who have been killed and injured during the incursion into the United States, but I warn the drug cartels and MS-13 gang members and lawless coyotes that they will “pay an intolerable price” if they continue violating our southern boarder. Be prepared for a “long campaign” that won’t end until tunnel network, fence climbing, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and violence to our citizens, reaching over the border, is neutralized.

-Oh, if only we had a leader too. sigh…..

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