Senator AL Franked Declines Traditional NPR Debates in Minnesota


Al Franken is feeling the heat as the fight for Minnesota’s Senatorial seat tightens; refuses NPR’s 20 year long standing State Fair debates in fear of being called out on the failed roll out of Obamacare, six years of nothing, and the continued bailouts by DFL Govenor Mark Dayton for Its MNSURE program. The decision in recent years by the Legislature to move the primary election to August has ensured that the candidates debating at the fair are the parties’ nominees. Al are you afraid of the question- What have you done in 6 years?

Some say Al is a great debater but myself and others see a washed up comedian with an “allusion of Knowledge” and when he gets roughed up in debates, he treats whoever that apposes him like a heckler(s) at a comedy club by attacking them personally with off color deriding humor. A good example of this is when Bill O’Reilly cleaned his clock at a C-Span book expo

The freshman Senator won a hotly contested recount with only 312 votes and a court ruling, ushering in that one vote that took the Senate.

Noteworthy: ” The Director of MNSURE resigned after the system became plagued with problems – to this day. Governor Dayton under pressure from his own campaign opponents will release MNSURE premium data by October 1st.

Some experts believe that Minnesota MNSURE premiums could jump 40-50% and Franken might be worried because he was the deciding vote for Obamacare and has been rubber-stamping every far left socialist bill, and walking in lock step with Obama, although Al was absent last month when President Obama came to town.

A Franken spokeswoman didn’t give a reason for the decision to decline the invitation.


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