Harry Reid Proves He Is Insane – “The Boarder Is Secure”

This boarder crisis with young children by the thousands traveling a perilous journey of beatings, rape, hunger and God only knows what is being used as a PURE POLITICAL TOOL by Obama and Harry Reid and others of his same ilk.

In the the above video he admits it. “if we had passed comprehensive emigration this would not have happened”

So under the “Rules For Radicals” never let a good crisis go to waste, but, in this case Obama created it so he can PUT THE HEAT on Republicans, beat them up– make them look bad, and heartless. Obama has blood on his hands big time.  Harry Reid is just confirming the hideous political con on Americans to Pit Democrats and Republicans against each other.

The boarder needs to be secure first (we have a NATIONAL GUARD) or it’s a GREEN LIGHT forever, just like in 87 after Regan gave amnesty and the boarder was never enforced as is should and employers were never really held accountable.

There is no current interior enforcement, Regan at least tried.

The CARTELS are using this as a distraction running thousand of tons of drug at will along with thousands of guns–Some from Operation Fast and Furious.


NEWSMAX-Cross Post

Meaningful immigration legislation won’t happen unless the Senate has a Democratic leader “who’s not living in his own alternate universe” like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who claimed this week the nation’s southern border is secure, New York Republican Rep. Peter King said Wednesday on Newsmax TV.

“First of all, the border is broken,” King, a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, told “America’s Forum” host J.D. Hayworth. “I mean, just common sense, if young kids are able to get across the border, we can imagine the drug dealers can come across the border, we have to be concerned about terrorists that would come across the border.”


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