White House EXPOSED! Jay “Baghdad Bob” Carney’s Bergdahl-Taliban Lie/Misstatement/Deception



More lies and scandal from this White House as 5 hardened terrorists are traded for an alleged deserter who left a goodbye note and walked off his post. By the way, 6 other Americans were killed trying to find him.

Call it what you will, White House spokesman (for a few more days) Jay Carney last year told a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY about the release of Taliban detainees from GITMO in exchange for the freedom of Bowe Bergdahl.
Does the Obama regime take us for a bunch of unaware idiots? (Don’t bother answering that question.)

Carney explicitly told the White House press corps (and the American people) that no decision would be made about releasing detainees without consulting with Congress, as US law requires. We now know THAT WAS NOT DONE. Carney lied/misstated.
Thanks to the Washington Free Beacon, the Obama administration’s tendency to say one thing and do another has again been revealed, starkly and without any shadow of a doubt.
Watch and marvel at Carney’s statement from last year, in light of the Obama-sanctioned actions to the contrary — it is breathtaking in its audacity:

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