Obama- What me worried? On The Head Of A Pin -Bergdahal Debacle

Oh-oh, Oh-oh, this Bergdahl deal is blowing up in Obama’s face like an Acme cigar being lighted up by Wylie Coyote.

First of all, there are many layers to this story so I am going to try to lay a couple facts out.

Since “Operation Enduring Freedom” (OEF)  the official name used by the U.S. government for the War in Afghanistan, together with a number of smaller military actions, under the umbrella of the Global “War on Terror” (GWOT). This along with the above fact is a WAR on an “Ideology” not necessarily on a state or country.

This is an A-symmetrical war with an enemy that knows no boarders drawn on a map, but rather is Radical sect of the religion Islam. Most people who died through the millennia have been against Muslims and other Arabs. We have great difficulty knowing who the enemy is just like in Vietnam.

President Obama who is in campaign political mode every waking moment does and says anything to achieve that end. He wants to win at all cost regardless how foolish it is. His number one goal as president is to shamelessly pander to his base regardless of how much future damage it will cost to the rest of America- PERIOD

On one hand he calls Afghanistan the ” Good war” and the Iraq war the “Bad war”. This is purely a political hack chess move started early on in his 2008 campaign having Democrats portraying Afghanistan as the good war that was forsaken to fight the unnecessary bad war in Iraq- Because they hated Bush and wanted payback for the Al Gore defeat which shook these liberal fools to the core.

So Obama focused on Afghanistan- cut and ran from Iraq. The only thing that is transpiring now in Afghanistan is Kleptocracy where billions of dollars have been squandered into the corrupt Hamid Karzai regime. As soon as we leave the Taliban will move right back in, set up shop and start brutalizing women, men and children.

So at this point, I don’t know why we just don’t get out now since we are giving back high level ruthless Taliban strategists and high level commanders where Taliban leaders have now publicly called the prison swap a victory and there will be more of it.

Obama, Harry Ried, Susan Rice and others have called it a POW swap with president Obama saying that it is an end of war tradition (What?)– that being trading prisoners. The distinct difference here is that those FIVE TALIBAN soldiers are TERRORISTS and war criminals and should be tried in Hague and SHOT.   Obama  is now NEGOTIATING with these terrorists, when did we start negotiating with terrorist for the release of a soldiers? And in most accounts a soldier who left his post AWOL; he was not captured as Susan Rice declare on Sunday talk shows.

The reports that are circulating say Bergdahl sent his laptop and clothes home halfway through his 12-month deployment and left behind a note saying he wanted to start over. He left behind his rifle and body armor and took only a compass, knife, water, camera, and a diary according to ACTUAL soldiers in his platoon and left behind a sorted detail diary of how he hates everything. His actions may have indirectly killed 6 soldiers who have tried to find him.

So, what do you do? Have a White House rose garden ceremony before he was even debriefed that back fired- COME ON! Another GIANT political stunt.

Obama probably thinks that most Americans are too stupid or not paying attention to this and all the other scandals. A continuous combination of rookie mistakes and pandering. He probably think that maybe only 10% of people even care. That would be pretty nasty if that were true.

President Obama once again shows how inept his administration is by not telling the public the TRUTH, and trying to create (again) a narrative that would fire up his “empty’  GITMO crowd believing, and that the public would be all happy and euphoric, and yet thinking everyone would forget the facts from 5 years ago that are well documented. President Obama wanted to show how HE got the last so-called POW out Afghanistan, and simultaneously kill two birds with one stone release more GITMO detainees ahead of his trip to Normandy visit, and also check off another pre-election to do box for ahead of this falls 2014 midterm election.

Well of course like all liars that have told hundreds and even thousands of lies it’s hard to keep it all straight. This is one Tsar that Obama should have brought on board from day one to catalog all the lies, half truths, misrepresentations and others so as to be able to cross reference all the lies so everyone is on the same page when they open their mouths.

Harry Reid in regards to the 30 day statutory requirement for notice to congress of a terrorist release said some stupid comments that you think would have been banned from the DFL lexicon defending last Thursday of President Obama’s decision to free five Taliban commanders in exchange for the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

What differences does it make” Reid replied when asked if he was given advance notification about the planned prisoner swap and rescue last Friday, the day before the exchange was announced.

Every thing is hitting the fan and the administrations story is changing by the day while State Department flunky Deputy spokesperson Marie Harf made some very shameful comments about platoon mates of Bergdal. (see video) The Obama State Department suggested that US soldiers aren’t reliable sources on Bowe Bergdahl

What is going on in this White House? The was not a prisoner exchange! This was a political move PERIOD as Obama would say with the puppet liar Susan Rice running around saying a bunch of crap on the Sunday shows just like Benghazi.

Try the TRUTH for once, and see how that works.


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