House Democrats Trying To Repeal the First Amendment- SH-216

42 members of congress need to be outed and punished at the polls by every American for trying to make a sneak attack to overturn the First Amendment.  The Liberals of today have sought to follow President Obama off the cliff into a new world where there is no constitution just the will of man.

What happened to the honor and integrity of those Democrats that supposedly champion freedom? What happened to the oath that they took?

They will stop at nothing to extinguish the voice of anyone who disagrees with their ideas and thinking; silencing any opposition that threatens there malevolent agenda’s. This is not the America that my ancestors believed in when they were by making their way to FREEDOM on a arduous and dangerous transatlantic journey some 382 years ago.

Yes, I am a descendent of those one of the signers, even one of our presidents, these people gave up everything, like Christ who gave up His heavenly riches to seek out a new land to live as free people sacrificing everything. And here we are today having gone through a tortured bloody past to be the greatest country on Gods earth, only to have imbeciles trying to repeal our liberties one law at a time. God save us from these people.

42 Democrats have betrayed America, and need to banished from history as those who would destroy America as we know it. We are the the shinning light to the entire world, but the these 42 Democrats would want to shackle and bind us under tyranny.

Statement of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.),
Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee,
Hearing On “Examining A Constitutional Amendment To Restore Democracy
To The American People” June 3, 2014

This morning the Senate Judiciary Committee begins its consideration of a constitutional amendment to repair the damage done by a series of flawed Supreme Court decisions that overturned longstanding precedent and eviscerated campaign finance laws….READ FULL STATEMENT =>       06-03-14LeahyStatement

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