VA Mismanagement Epidemic Spreading Across The US – Obama Silent- Again


Nero sang the “Sack of Ilium” in stage costume while the Rome burned. What tune is Obama singing while America spirals into the sun?

According to a 2008 memo obtained by CBS News, VA officials briefed the Obama-Biden transition team that its facilities might be concealing the true amount of time veterans had to wait for care. 6 years into his administration they just tossed money at it and fixed nothing.

Another Scandal amidst a mountain of scandals- Surely their will be promotions for those who can keep silent and protect the president.

A senior official in the Department of Veterans Affairs resigned Friday, just one day after lawmakers called for more accountability in the Phoenix VA wait list scandal. But guess what he announced last year he was going to RETIRE  Anyway.. The American Legion is not happy with the double talk.

As concerns of “mismanagement and deception” within the Department of Veterans Affairs grow, an online whistle-blower website has been launched to help expose agency wrongdoing, particularly within its beleaguered health care system.

The secure website,, was launched Thursday ahead of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s testimony before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee to address allegations of treatment delays and preventable deaths at a Phoenix veterans hospital. The joint effort by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) aims to “bring accountability” to the department by allowing whistle-blowers to expose corruption anonymously.

This President is so out-of-touch and incompetent and there are 100’s of our veterans are dieing in wait of treatment. This is in stark contrast to his bloviating speeches he has made along the way. If this is not a bi-partisan issue NOTHING IS.

Now we will see what the LEFT and MEDIA is made of. I want to see them Mock, make jokes and call these vets liars and names like those who are suffering under Obamacare.

This is type and shadow of thing to come for the ACA, Mark these words.

But be comforted people- Mr. Obama is “mad as hell”  Hmm…sounds familiar.

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