Every American Should Be Outraged By VA Scandal VET’s Die At The Hands Of President Out Of Touch

The White House is claiming the President learned about the VA scandal through the media? That’s the same excuse they used for Fast & Furious, AP wiretapping, and the IRS scandal. Charles Krauthammer says enough is enough!

I can just see all the kings men huddling in a circle contriving a new story, another spin, how they can lie or blame their way out of this.  Slow walk it out with I just heard about it in the news….10314642_635083039912629_204025841293494006_n

This is biggest sadist and most SHAMEFUL story in American history. Where is the President? Why has HE done nothing?  The only thing they can say is they increased the budget. That’s not going to fly.

Obamacare- Medicare -Medicade- VA Hospitals. This sadly is going to end very bad unless we stop this madness.  I hear a giant sucking sound.

Of course the Democrats are blaming the two wars; that we should have never been in. What? Well we were, and nothing was done by the current leader of this country. The Jimmy Jones Democrats will surround Obama, just hold on until you hear the great speech coming from Obama in the coming weeks.  Nothing will change –

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