Let’s Not Forget Why Obama Won The 2012 Election – Route Out The DFL In November #DFLLIARS

A troubled life based on lies, deceit by a hopelessly ideologically driven narcissistic community organizer lawyer that had NO qualifications whatsoever to be president. He won because he is an awesome bull shiter, and of course he was black [waiting for the lightning to strike].  This was the master plan, part of a perfect storm. Hilary lost for the same reason [lesser than black]. Romey lost because he was a Mormon rich and white, which NO ONE WILL ever say (Mormon) except me.

Evangelicals, Catholics and those who are born-again believers, who follow a fundamental Christian faith KNOW that Mormonism is a “NICE” Occult. I did not vote for him exactly for that reason. I voted for another party as an independent, because it is a persons civic duty to vote. I know a party has to win but not at any moral cost. There is free speech and speech that hurts peoples feelings. I am not interested in feelings- That’s how we get in these messes.

Now Hillary will want to be the first woman to be president to make up for women’s “historical” suffrage; have it greater than ever now baby, another small vocal group created angst. Will get the same media treatment and use the same playbook Obama did with the low informed voters.  It will be great to see Bill in for a third term. Wow!

The pendulum of Right and Left had to go left after W. Bush and the wars; would have probably gone that way regardless because Americans get a belly full after 8 years of one party or another. However, the Demographics have dramatically changed ushering in the plan to take advantage of suburban white angst, and a hatred for the previous president based on the wars and it’s own scandals. This was a perfect storm that was meticulously taken advantage of by thugs and skullduggery out of Chicago sewers.

Let’s take a look back on the Obama 2012 victory [another postmortem for the GOP] for Obama and why. Obviously President Obama in-spite of his statements that he would have the most transparent administration in history, that everything would be out in the open, and be broadcasted on C-Span never happened. I contend that he pretty much threw most Americans under the bus to fulfill his promise as a Statist interloping Indonesian to– “to fundamentally change America” I might add, at any immoral cost. He certainly has damaged it, but in-spite of it, America always finds away to get off her knees and fight back. That’s the same providence that George Washington talked about.

Here is a reminder of my thoughts on that less than two years ago.

Let me elucidate it the way I did after the election. There is no point looking for blame. Here is the problem. The party, or subset of the party that wants smaller government ipso facto wants to reduce government spending. Why would people who depend on welfare, or government spending, vote for people whose stated goal is to reduce welfare and government spending? Establishment Republicans, spineless worms though they may be, understand that there is no appetite for smaller government among more than 50% of the population. If you are promising to take people’s stuff, don’t be surprised if they don’t vote for you.

You can stop trying to point your finger at the so-cons, or the lib cons, until the culture changes, then fiscal conservatism, no matter how it is couched, will not win over Republicans that continue to promise stuff. Or as Rush more succinctly said “you can’t beat Santa Claus” I’m afraid now that the only thing that will change the culture is a complete economic collapse.

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