Obama Libya #Behngazi Policy- Supply Arms To Terrorists– Benghazi Compound Then Attacked

Where was president Obama the night of the attack? Sleeping? Had to get up early for his Las Vegas fund raiser? NO ONE will say why? Sleeping!

Where was Hillary Clinton on the night of the attack? Sleeping? Probably…

There was NO FOG OF WAR! There was an almost immediate SMOKE SCREEN set up to protect Obama from campaign comments about Al-Qaeda and a contrived political narrative that somehow terrorism is defeated under his watchful eye. And Hillary Clinton received cover to protect her total failure to fortify that Mission Post in Benghazi plus a possible run in 2016- Even Stevy Wonder can now see the unraveled and botched cover up– and the cover up of the cover up..

NOW the DFL moon bats are wanting to boycott the select committee! What does that say? It says they have something to HIDE and DON”T CARE about the facts of what really happened  to the 4 people killed on that fateful day. They just want to protect the DFL with MORE dishonesty. This is one of the most despicable cowardice acts I have seen in my life.

FIRST OF ALL–President Obama HATED Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi a TYRANT/MURDEROUS THUG of 45 years in Libya.

SECONDLY–Muammar Gaddafi HATED the Al-Qaeda and it’s affiliates Ansar al-Sharia (English: Partisans of Sharia)which is an Islamist militia group advocating the implementation of strict Sharia law across Libya, coming into being during the fractious Libyan Civil War.

A variety of news sources had early on identified them as a terrorist organization having deliberately targeted both Libyan and American civilians, including taking part in the 2012 Benghazi attack.

This was the Obama POLICY with the CIA supplied weapons to those groups to help take down Gaddafi and the end result was, weapons were turned against us, used on the US consulate in Benghazi at a VERY POLITICAL inconvenient time- ELECTION 2012.


A U.S. businesswoman and paid CIA and FBI informant in Libya who said she was a good friend of Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ told The Blaze the Obama administration knew that weapons and aid were ending up in the hands of Al Qaeda-affiliated militants in the country before the deadly Benghazi attacks.

This attack was one year after the presidents ” I killed Bin laden tour”  on September 11, 2012;  just WEEKS before the election, and after repeated stump comments by Obama that Al-Qaeda was decimated and on the run.  Since when has Obama and any of his political cronies been truthful about anything?  There is no credibility anymore after 6 years of this bullshit. There are literally hundreds of examples of cheating the truth with these people. The shit is so thick now- they can’t get their stories straight, and get their boots unstuck from their own bull. So now they are just sticking to the lies and hoping their beloved spooning media will come to the rescue. Too late!

Obama PROMISED to HUNT DOWN- KILL OR CAPTURE–Go to the ends of the Earth! What’s wrong with that comment? Everything, and nothing. No one is caught because if they could they would, but they won’t because then the truth would come out. They will never be caught. They will have be killed or droned first.


Ambassador Stevens according to multiple sources in and out of the compound repeatedly asked for more security and it was denied. This SHOULD HAVE NEVER been a partisan issue, but everything is with dumbocrats. Hillary Clinton made the biggest State Department blunder in 30 years because of incompetence, and political power greed.

No worries, there is always that SNL looking State Dept. Press Secretary goofball Marie Barf with the glasses can come out and make those idiotic stupid, and laughable comments/lies.

Jay Carneydownload

Hillary Clinton was conveniently sick after the attack, and can’t make the talk show rounds, so Susan Rice is offered up as a sacrificial lamb with the promise of a big promotion (National Security Adviser) if she would go out and lie to every American that the cause of the attack was a spontaneous DEMONSTRATION because of video.!! That never made any sense to me the first time I heard it.  Chicago style pay-offs keep on trucking! Nobody believes the video story!!!

Because of systemic, always making everything political, and expedite politics at every turn is perpetuated non-stop by Obama’s ROGUE lying political machinery.

The reason it is still being investigated now- DUDE! (Little Tommy Vietor) being Tweeted 0nce every 12 seconds. Most rational people know full well this is a complete bull shit story FROM every angle to cover Obama’s ass, Hillary’s ass, and down the line. Nothing adds up. This will not go away. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

And now, even though it is a MATERIAL FACT that the video story was created by the White House politics, and pushed; never directly proven by facts on the ground or intelligence, and the contrary now known, Obama, Hillary Clinton (retires),  Leon Panetta (retires) keep the story going inspite of their own change of mind.  They even contiued it during the time remains of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans landed on U.S. soil Friday afternoon in flag-draped caskets–said it to the parents. Hillary even continued it even later during a speech. It’s like they are all drinking bong water.

Benghazi Testimony One Year Later: Hillary Clinton Declares “What Difference does it make!” in a House Committee Hearings, apparently annoyed and tired of the truth seekers lashes out at the committee in mean spirited hurtful, and disgusting comment that pretty much pissed off most Americans.

Reid and Pelosi both– Lets move on folks, nothing to see here, you know those darn republicans who hate everyone. BUT…… Americans and the GOP/Conservatives are not stupid HACKS like they are, and continue as they should to demand answers; now seeing thousands of subpoena documents more than a year latter (un-redacted and could have been released much earlier)????  This was wholly intentional.

I further rant correctly not.


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