Morning Joe MSNBC Host Calls Harry Reid A Liar Liar-Video

And- The shrill Al Franken still Lying about liars still can’t keep his hypocrite mouth shut as well.

Neo-McCarthyite Al Franken sent his supporters in a fundraising email titled

“Is Kochtopus really a word?” It read: “I suppose ‘Kochtopus’ is as good a name as any for the huge, secretive network of interest groups the Koch brothers masterminded to funnel dark money all over the country.”

Al Franken3

I said Al was scared before the new Supreme Court ruling came out regarding campaign contribution limits came out; that AL, “the always joking jack ass” is going apoplectic with concerns of the current ass kicking PAC adds being run in MN, and now this.

Here’s a JOKE -Al- If you took all the UNIONS out of your Twitter account you would only have (1) FOLLOWER and that would be Conan “I speak for the people” O’Brien.  Al the Hypocrite LIAR. Still waiting for you to retract you Liar book.

But moreover, here is the video on the Morning Joe.




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