Destruction of the fabric of America by the Al Franken’s of the World

Is it true Al Franken is going to do another book, this time called Fat Liars Calling Liars That Lie And Those That Lie, Liars?  If true, Al Franken’s  Vol. II book could be expected out after he leaves office at the end of the year. Please vote this HYPOCRIT out inLIAR FRAKEN November. Photo below is from

The liberal agenda’s basic principles are not only antithetical to our most cherished liberties; they are also directly contrary to all that is good and noble in the human enterprise. Modern liberalism appeals to the irrational tendencies of the human mind. Why would anyone want a political system that restricts personal freedom instead of enhancing it; denounces personal responsibility instead of promoting it; surrenders personal sovereignty instead of honoring it; attacks the philosophical foundations of liberty instead of defending them; encourages government dependency instead of self-reliance; and undermines the character of the people by making them wards of the state?

“I can assure you, the NSA is not about spying on the American people.”  Senator Al Franken (D-MN), June 11

What a total bullshit artist!  When it was Bush spying on emails and secretly eavesdropping on citizens, Franken and others were outraged.  Now that it’s a Democratic president, well, damn, it’s all good.  Spy away NSA.

All of this spying on we the little people has to be OK because Obama says so.  Peek in every corner.  Prevent unspecified terrorist attacks that you just can’t mention because, you know, it’s national security.   And never mention that policies like invading nations that pose no threat causing hundreds of thousands to die or sending drone killing machines to foreign countries might have something to do with threats of terrorism here.

“Trust me,” the liberal defenders of Obama ask us.

Sure thing, Al, you hypocrite of the worst order.  Do any of those defending the president have the slightest knowledge of history?  How about this creep, who asked and received the trust of tens of millions:

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