These Are The Senators With Terms Up And OVER In November–Voted For Obamacare Mess

LOSER AL “Election Stealing” FRANKEN pathetic fund raiser- Brags how much money he has to fight off any GOP rival. Good luck big Al when 10’s of million dollars come in and blows your pampers.

Al Franken

Please, Please, Please listen to Nancy Pelosi and DNC Chair Debra Wasserman Shultz and KEEP on campaigning on the merits of the great, great, great, affordable, affordable– Affordable Care Act  ← (Listen to Pelosi go nuts days ago) Legislation passed by the Runaway congress in 2008 that NO one had a chance or could possibly read. I am surprised we did not give away Montana to Canada.

Nancy P

Don’t forget the crazy rubber stamping election stealing AL FRANKEN bastard above who has done NOTHING except put on a phony mask and hide under the radar. Hey Al! Who won brunch with Conan? Did you disclose “Need not donate to enter”? Bet you didn’t. Is that not against the law AL?  Time to dig into this a little deeper, see you at the town hall meetings.

[UPDATE] For those keeping score at home, long-time Al Franken supporter (husband and wife) were thrilled to have won and be flown out to California. What if a Republican had secretly salted your stupid game and won? Seriously, do you think any had a chance? What accounting firm did the drawing? When you have a drawing or game like this do you just toss out suspect Republicans? Sounds like an election I once witnessed.  Franken is the embodiment of how the left chooses to take power. By making the Right look evil.

Funny! A once drug addled comedian who writes a book called  “Lies and Lying Liars who tell them” Calls out the Republican Right as liars. Hey Al! When does volume II come out? That ought to be interesting how you explain your DFL Statist whores who LIED through their stinking teeth non stop since Obama took over in 2008- Funny how things change, huh? You jack ass.


Recent testimony on Capital Hill by the House Oversight Committee revealed that the HHS Secretary and CMS have NO IDEA the breakdown of the conflated total numbers of people that have signed up.  We are suppose to believe that even though there have been inside leaks that suggest otherwise by at least two major news sources that it is impossible to know, really?

At this time there is a supposed 5 million people who have signed up, but that’s all they say… And keep saying. They already lowered the self described needed sign up numbers from 7 million to 6 million.


Here is the problem that the MSNBC, CNN, BSN and other mainstream media intentionally leaves out because they are still covering, and pandering to the president who they love, and ever their dwindling news audience.

Here is what they FAIL TO TELL YOU:

  1. Signed up does not mean you have PAID. Until you pay you have NO INSURANCE. HHS claims they don’t know what that number is.
  2. How many of those signed up are for expanded Medicad: which is subsidized and often free are in the 5 million number? Nobody knows.
  3. How many of those Medicad people who signed up would have signed up anyway during the time of the roll out last October? The President was caught on this conflation over and over again even after staffers warned him to not say the conflated numbers.
  4. How many of the 6 million people who got their insurance CANCELED (and climbing) are part of that 5 million? They claim they don’t know that either.
  5. How many of those “supposed” 5 million which are those young and healthy needed to offset the older and less healthy? Nope, they don’t know that either.
  6. How many of the needed young people who can’t afford it will drop out and concede to the penalty.


O-Care premiums to skyrocket- The Hill

The inescapable truth that all the lies can not cover up–The Sentinel

The expected rate hikes will be announced in the coming months amid an intense election year, when control of the Senate is up for grabs. The sticker shock would likely bolster the GOP’s prospects in November and hamper ObamaCare insurance enrollment efforts in 2015.

The industry complaints come less than a week after Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sought to downplay concerns about rising premiums in the healthcare sector. She told lawmakers rates would increase in 2015 but grow more slowly than in the past.

The increases are far less significant than what they were prior to the Affordable Care Act,” the secretary said in testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee.

Her comment baffled insurance officials, who said it runs counter to the industry’s consensus about next year.

Read more:

Millennial Generation Bails On Obama 

 Carey Wedler shares a video on “why I’m burning my last bridge with Obama” video below

FORTY PLUS -major (illegal) changes to the ACA law which pushes all the bad news past the election of 2014 and 2016 claimed to have been done to smooth the wrinkles out. More lies to protect those this fall who are in jeopardy of losing their senate seat.

POLITICS -all the time while horror stories come out of cancer patients and others lose their Doctors and clinics. And it’s a big joke, no big deal, just a few people, no big deal- move on nothing to see here. Senator Amy Klobuchar is a great example of heartless plutocrat who had a townhall and laughed her ass off about the thousand of  desperately sick people who find themselves without AFFORDABLE healthcare and their needed doctors and clinics that they have relationships with to keep them alive.  HA, ha!

This is what those LOUD MOUTH STUPID assess at MSNBC like Mathews and that whiny ass dorky looking girlyman with the dark glasses bitches about incessantly. The whole MSNBC line-up is a Liberal front to cover up the misdeeds and malfunctions of the President Barrack Obama from DAY ONE.  Yet they are such simpletons that they think people are just PISSED about the ACA Scam that is going to further bankrupt the country and further prolong an already 6 years of miserable job creation.

Those dumb asses don’t get it. Obama has breached/shredded the trust of the American people and has deepened the poverty pit and dashed the hopes of a better future to VERY SAME PEOPLE he lied his ass off since 2006 and forward and promised to help. Nothing but lies on top of lies.

This is why NOT one REPBULICAN voted for the laughable, ha, ha, “affordable” (my ass) Care Act.   The GOP is trying everything to get by the PROPGANDA machine of the left which is massive.  There is REASON WHY you dopes the House has voted 50 times to repeal the stupid ACA!  What the hell else can they do but go on the record.  And yes they have alternate plans, your just ass-holes for not reporting it.

Now the all liberal DFL’rs, and media stand alone because the Emperor has no clothes, and they all continue to piss and moan- on a hate fest, and keep lying even though no one except the Jimmy Jones bunch believers hang on.   President Obama and those who supported this legislative garbage are BUCK ASS NAKED.

There will be HELL to pay, just like 2010, not from the TEA Party but people who got burned from one end to the other of social, economic and political spectrum on every failed promise and policy.

Full list of vulnerable DFL Senate seats

Alaska – Mark Begich won by 1-point in 2008 after Republican Ted Stevens was convicted of minor crimes just days before the general election. The conviction was later thrown out when it was later discovered that the prosecution had hidden key evidence that would have likely led to a non-guilty verdict. Without the prosecutorial misconduct, the US Senate outcome would have likely been different. Begich provided the 60th vote for Obamacare.

Arkansas – Mark Pryor didn’t face opposition in 2008, which was odd given the conservative tilt of the state. This will be his first time facing the voters since voting for Obamacare supporting most of the Obama agenda since. Democrat Blanche Lincoln lost by 21-points in 2010 after facing the voters for the first time and the GOP is hoping to repeat that performance against Pryor.

Colorado – Mark Udall won with 53% of the vote in his first contest and would be the favorite to win re-election. But there are a number of candidates who could make the race competitive for Republicans.

Iowa – Tom Harkin won by a healthy 26-point margin in 2008, but he decided not to seek re-election in 2014. Republicans have a fairly wide pool of candidates for a possible takeover.

Louisiana – Mary Landrieu has won election to the US Senate by an average of just 3 points in three elections. She remains one of the few Democratic senators in the south and, along with Pryor, will face voters for the first time since voting for Obamacare. Her blue-dog claims may be less convincing this time. So far, Congressman Bill Cassidy has has declared his candidacy for the GOP side and has raised considerable cash. (Full Louisiana 2014 analysis)

Michigan – The retirement hits keep coming for the Democrats as sure bet Carl Levin announced he would also retire in 2014. Both the GOP and Democratic fields are wide open and each side has recent victories to brag about. President Obama and Debbie Stabenow both won the state in 2010, but the Governor’s mansion any many statewide races flipped to the Republicans previously

Minnesota – “Comedian” Al Franken won by the slimmest of margins in a highly controversial outcome in 2008. Minnesota has trended blue, but Obama did not run away with the state in 2012, having picked up just 52% of the vote. So far, the GOP hasn’t had much luck finding a candidate. Former Governor Tim Pawlenty and US Senator Norm Coleman have passed on a run.

Montana – Mac Baucus announced he was retiring after his current term expires in this red state. Now it is up to the Republicans to find a candidate who can put the state in the win column. Former Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer would be the best hope for Democrats. Mitt Romney carried the state by double digits in 2012.

New Hampshire – Jeanne Shaheen is one for two in this US Senate race but won’t be going up for round three against John E. Sununu. Sununu won by 5 points in 2002, while Shaheen won by 7 in 2008. New Hampshire is very unpredictable electorally. So far, there is no clear frontrunner to challenge Shaheen.

North Carolina – Kay Hagan enjoyed upset victories in 2008 along with Democrat Governor Bev Purdue and President Obama. Obama lost the state in 2012 and Purdue didn’t even try to run for re-election given her unpopularity (Subsequently won handily by the GOP ticket). Polls show Hagan is upside down in job approval and she will see no shortage of potential opponents.

South Dakota – Tim Johnson is another “moderate” Democrat in a heavily Republican state who announced is retirement rather than face the voters after voting for Obamacare. Former GOP Governor Mike Rounds announced his candidacy and the state’s lone congresswoman Kristi Noem, who just won re-election state-wide by 15 points, is considering a run. The Democrats best (and perhaps only) chance at keeping the seat rests with former congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, who lost to Noem by just over 2 points n 2010.

West Virginia – Jay Rockefeller has decided not to run for re-election, giving the GOP a decent chance at finally winning a Senate seat in supposed-to-be-really-conservative West Virginia. Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito is running for the Republicans and very early polls have given her a healthy lead against potential Democratic opponents.


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2 Responses to These Are The Senators With Terms Up And OVER In November–Voted For Obamacare Mess

  1. kevin101 says:

    I voted for Franken and Obama really thought thing would get better after 2 wars and collapse in the economy. 6 yrs gone by But I have only seen things getting worse in my life and the rest of country and world. Frankly, I am very worried about my childrens future.

  2. UncleEarl says:

    Franken is not getting my vote this time. He is part of the problem and worse. He does nothing but rubber stamp anything someone tells him to, not to make waves. He is in it for money and power. A giant suck up. He is a Clown just like Ventura, at least taxes went down and some rebates. If you want your children’s future to be indentured to the state to pay entitlements he’s your guy. He doe’s give a rip he’s got his money.

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