Stunning Defeat Of Pelosi Backed DFL R-Alex Sink In Florida Referendum on Obamacare


Even being outspent 5-1 and a Libertarian party candidate taking votes away, R-David Jolly beats the beloved big name want to be past governor- This is the shot that is going to be heard around the political world, and ushers in doomsday for anyone who voted for Obama and ObamaCare specifically.

Voters are saying enough is enough to the all out assult on liberty by mandate and the insane never ending LIES coming out of Washington and the left.

Pelosi, Reid and rest of crazies are in full-on hate, and spin mode. I would not be surprised that both these two whaco’s will be tossed out of office in the future as well as the Obama nightmare policies continue to unfold.

Watch now as the left ramps up vitriolic hateful attacks on everyone as this administration spirals into the garbage heap of history. -The New Sentinel

Tuesday’s stunning defeat of Alex Sink, one of the biggest Democratic names in Florida politics, at the hands of first-time candidate David Jolly in a special election indicates that Democrats will face a wave election in November and likely lose the U.S. Senate, several leading pollsters told Newsmax.

Jolly defeated Sink 48.5 percent to 46.7 percent in the 13th congressional district election that filled the seat of the late Florida GOP congressman Bill Young. Libertarian Lucas Overby grabbed 4.8 percent.

Jolly’s upset win was even more significant considering that Overby probably took votes from him disproportionately, pundits say. On Wednesday, Republicans touted what they called a harbinger for November while anxious Democrats tried to pooh-pooh the results.

But neither side could deny the facts: a candidate that many on both sides had described as problematical defeated a leading Sunshine State Democrat in a crucial district.

House Speaker John Boehner called the victory a “big win” and said Obamacare will become more toxic to voters in coming years.

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