Obama caught on tape with French President revealing “being president I can do whatever I want”

Obama caught of cmaer 001Changes to the Obamacare law 29 times so far under his orders by fiat for sure, and much more in other areas that are reserved for congress. President, or BANNANA REPUBLIC dictator? Should you TRUST him when he says that he believes in the rule of law; took an oath to protect the constitution? Is it easier now after years of lying should we believe him that now?

WHAT EVER HE WANTS should send a chill up your spine, but conservatives and like minded have known this from year one. He is a dictator with a disdain for that PESKY constitution that is in his way  all the to achieve his HARD CORE LEFTIST AGENDA. How much more BULLSHIT will Americans have to endure before they realize HE HAS lied his way through 6 years and double talked on every issue since the beginning.

What happened to that HOPE and CHANGE? It was NEVER real because wonderland, gold at the end of rainbows, and utopia are not real. Obama is the victim of his own liberal mental illness.

Stunning events in America that is sending this country on a trajectory into disaster. Thank God almighty he will be out of office in 2016. No one from there forward could ever be so rotten.

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