While millions of Americans suffer without jobs– Obama has played 157 rounds of golf

My best estimate from all sources is that it may be as high a 100 million dollars.  Meanwhile it was announced today that unemployment for young African Americans (I like calling them Americans) has reached it’s highest level in history with other minorities falling in right behind.  The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. What a surprise right?  So what is the real difference between the elitists in Washington-nothing. There are more millionaires in the Senate and in Congress than ever before since this president took office, but no one seems to care.

What a strange way to show solidarity with your base of supporters; the ones that you lied to and made promises to, that you have not kept in 6 years.  Hope and Change.

Obama turns into one of those 1% er’s and lives like a king.  (sigh)



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