Dismal December Jobs Report Shows That Obama Policies Fail after 5 1/2 years

The Labor Department now shows the lowest employment participation rate in 36 years. Real adjusted numbers of un-employment is closer to 11.5%. Of course the Obama administration will never be honest with Americans (has proven that) about the real numbers, Obama will lie again, and say “Look the unemployment rate has dropped”.  If that were so, why are the liberals pushing so hard to pass that new entitlement program called unemployment insurance- fun insurance? And why are there 47 million Americans still on Food Stamps? Total policy failures across the board which he alone owns is the over arching reason.  FDR’s 2nd bill-of-Rights, a’la  Obama are making Americans sick and tired of the never ending BS coming out of White House. We need a real leader that will get us out of this mess.

The “year of unequally” is his new year agenda setting up for the 2014 election. Actually I doubt Obama cares about anyone but himself, and he is setting up yet another political scenario that if the Republicans don’t go along with it, he can once again start the name calling again; calling them uncaring, mean, nasty, and a bunch of people haters.

The only thing this president is able to do, and is good at, is attack and blame others for his obvious lack of ability to govern or even understand how to run this country or anything except running off his mouth. What do you expect from a community organizer from Chicago who has surrounded himself with corrupted power hungry socialist creeps/

Obama is more interested in covering up scandals and beating up anyone who voices opposition to a FAILED health care law laughingly called the Affordable Care Act.









-The New sentinel OP-ED


The Heritage Network-

“Today’s jobs report gave a discouraging update on the health of the economy,” Heritage’s James Sherk, a Senior Policy Analyst in Labor Economics, tells The Foundry. “Employers added far fewer jobs than expected – just 74,000, well down from the 241,000 jobs added in November.”

While the unemployment rate fell – from 7 perfect to 6.7 percent – that’s primarily due to Americans giving up on finding a job.

“A half million Americans left the labor force,” Sherk says. “This continues a long-term trend. While the unemployment rate has dropped sharply over the past year, the employment to population ratio has remained unchanged.”



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