The Vulnerable Senators That Met With Obama – ACA Conspirators Who Want Protection In 2014

The Vulnerable Senators That Met With Obama – ACA Conspirators Who Want Protection deals In 2014

001Etch these liberal statists in your brain when you go to vote in November for ruining your health care plan and putting you on the verge of bankruptcy or draining out your bank account if you get sick. These whinny ass cry baby memes thought they had it made with the Chicago thug racketeers calling the shots. Think again, liberty is rising, All you stupid, and I MEAN STUPID asses are gone this year. I will debate any of you losers anywhere without the bullshit and make you shit your pants.

I think you should take DNC chairman “Debbie does DC” Shultz advice and run on Obamacare. Shultz An embarrassment to the great state of Florida.

‘All Of Our Candidates’ Will Run on Obamacare

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) said “all of our candidates” will run on Obamacare Tuesday in a debate with RNC Chair Reince Priebus on CNN’s Crossfire.

Priebus repeatedly asked Wasserman Schultz which Democratic Senatorial candidate in a competitive race will run on Obamacare. After first avoiding the question, the DNC chair boldly asserted “all of our candidates” will run on the Affordable Care Act:

REINCE PREIBUS: The question that’s on the table right now is which person that’s running as a Democrat in these targeted states, who? –

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: All of our candidates

PRIEBUS: Mary Landrieu, who?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: All of our candidates are able to run on the provisions of Obamacare.

PRIEBUS: But you won’t say it.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: I just said it.

PRIEBUS: Ok, so they’re going to run on Obamacare?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: All of our candidates will be able to use Obamacare as an advantage.

PRIEBUS: Great. Excellent.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Because, you know what? When a woman comes up to me who’s dealing with breast cancer and she’s told me that under the old system she had to choose between the radiation or the chemo because she couldn’t afford the co-pay or deductible on both, you’re darn right that our party brought that peace of mind.

PRIEBUS: Have you seen the polling in Montana, in South Dakota, in Arkansas on Obamacare? I mean, it’s unbelievable.STEPHANIE CUTTER: Mr. chairman have you seen the polling - PRIEBUS: And that’s fine. I’m happy you’re going to run on Obamacare.

SHE IS THE MOST STUPID PERSON NEXT TO OBAMA ON EARTH, or she should resign as the second biggest lying as bitch.




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