If the President Had a Son, He’d Look a Lot Like the “Knockout Game” Perps

Not my headline but that of a Chicago black Pastor. The truth can never hide when the light shines on it. The Main stream media that was all over the Trayvon Martin case like bees on honey (or stink on shit), ginned up, puffed up, spun, lied, twisted, and manipulated a story for ratings and the love of their ignorant liberal hand wringing white guilt; has buried or under reported roving gangs of black youth having fun knocking out and killing white people and Jews.

The broadcast media and birdcage liner news papers chimed in with their apologist so called expert guest hosts of all liberal stripe and bent profession, chalk it up as- oh you know, they have nothing to do, and they feel disenfranchised with little hope. They are poor boys with no fathers, and no jobs.

Excuse me while I projectile vomit. The never ending hypocritical bullshit never stops. How do they maintain that delusional state? I am fascinated that these supposed geniuses ever made it through college or wound up doing anything other than digging post holes.  It is beyond stupid located somewhere in an alternate universe.  Truly these progressive liberals are mentally ill, tragically for them not designated in any DSM or having any known treatment to save them. These ignorant and monumentally stupid people with this new hitherto unrecognized disease of the mind will surely ruin any chance for the needy, poor and others of lack to ever grow and prosper in this country.  See the article -Written by an evangelical black Chicago Pastor Aubrey Shines below–The New Sentinel

The article form the Blaze

By now you have probably heard the news of the ridiculous game Knockout. The rules of the game are quite simple. You go up to a perfect stranger and punch them in the face in an attempt to knock them out in one punch.

The more the media reports these attacks a few things become clear. First, the perpetrators are young black men. Second, the victims are white and most often Jewish. Because the victims are white, the game is also referred to as polar bear hunting. Third, there has been radio silence from black national leaders condemning the acts. Al Sharpton finally condemned the game at one of his weekly National Action Network meetings. But the outrage pales in comparison to the outrage that Sharpton and his fellow Race Warriors are able to muster when it benefits them financially and politically.

The Blaze Link–>Here

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