City officials demand for Rep: Phyllis Kahn “someone should be executed comment”

Phyllis Kahn

Freak show liberal statist

Minneapolis officials are demanding an apology from state Rep. Phyllis Kahn over her Election Day comment that “someone at the city should be executed” over long lines of voters at the Seward Square polling place.

“It is beyond inexcusable to talk this way about the hard-working, dedicated public servants who have been on the job nearly non-stop to ensure a fair vote in Minneapaolis,” said the letter signed by Mayor R.T. Rybak, City Council President Barbara Johnson and council members Robert Lilligren and Elizabeth Glidden.

“When public workers are under attack, “it is especially outrageous for an elected official to pile on more,” they wrote. The city has been under intense criticism for lines at several polling places, for technical errors that delayed vote counting and for delayed release of election results.  SEE THE FULL STORY AT:

I will get more into this 21 term nut….

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