Nuclear IRAN Islamofascism started long ago– we can’t see it–Not so different than Hitler

The nuclear power plant has been in construction since way before 1979. A bare bones,  structure starting as  a power plant. Worked on then abandoned then restarted over and over again until today. So for over 40+ years they have been plugging away on construction at this plant over and over. There are no secrets, just an ability to stand up to Iran and Russia/Germany, others and so on– the game plays out.

The Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant (Persian: نیروگاه اتمی بوشهر‎) is a nuclear power plant in Iran 17 kilometres (11 mi) southeast of the city of Bushehr, between the fishing villages of Halileh and Bandargeh along the Persian Gulf.Construction of the plant was started in 1975 by German companies, but the work was stopped in 1979 after the Islamic revolution of Iran. A contract for finishing the plant was signed between Iran and the Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy in 1995, with Russia’s Atomstroyexport named as the main contractor. The work was delayed several years by technical and financial challenges as well as by political pressure from the West. After construction was again in danger of being stopped in 2007, a renewed agreement was reached in which the Iranians promised to compensate for rising costs and inflation after completion of the plant. Delivery of nuclear fuel started the same year. The plant started adding electricity to the national grid on 3 September 2011, and was officially opened in a ceremony on 12 September 2011, attended by Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko and head of the Rosatom Sergei Kiriyenko.

The project is considered unique in terms of its technology, the political environment and the challenging physical climate..It is the first civilian nuclear power plant built in the Middle East. Several research reactors had been built earlier in the Middle East: two in Iraq, two in Israel, two in Pakistan, one in Syria and three in Iran.

There have been safety concerns about the Bushehr plant, associated with construction of the plant itself, aging equipment at the plant, and understaffing.

Finishing the plant

In 2007, according to Moscow Defense Brief, Russia made a strategic decision to finish the plant, and in December 2007 started to deliver nuclear fuel to the site. On 20 January 2008 a fourth Russian shipment of nuclear fuel arrived. Russia has pledged to sell 85 tons of nuclear fuel to the plant.

In March 2009, the head of Russia’s state nuclear power corporation Rosatom, Sergei Kiriyenko, announced that Russia had completed the construction of the plant. A series of pre-launch tests were conducted after the announcement.

On 22 September 2009, it was reported that the first reactor was 96% complete and final testing would begin in the near future.In early October final testing was started.[21] In January 2010, Kiriyenko announced to the public that the Bushehr reactor would be opening in the near-future, declaring 2010 the “year of Bushehr.”


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