Senator Feinstein DFL- Cal– the most irrational mentally ill politician in America is proposing “final solution”

c9b5cdbbd2bb6d8c85be690f79c6e456Senator (NUT JOB) Feinsteins new gun ban bill takes the 1994 so called “assault” weapons ban to an all new level of stupidity by: One, the all-out banning of the manufacturing and sale/transfer of 100’s and 100’s of existing types of sporting rifles and handguns. Secondly, will cause owners who already own tens of millions of these guns force them to register 10’s of millions of newly, currently owned, now banned handguns under the National Fire Arms Act to comply.

You will have to register your AR-15 and many others as a Class 3 weapon, pay a big new annual tax, and notify the government if you intend to take them out of state. You will also completely waive your 4th Amendment rights to reasonable search and seizure. ATF will have the right to knock on your door and inspect the weapons anytime they want.

You will also see an end to 20- and 30-round magazines. This isn’t a threat. It isn’t political posturing. Diane Feinstein and the anti-gun machine have already introduced the legislation, and it will be rammed through Congress and signed by the President if gun owners don’t act today.

Please contact your legislators immediately, and post the links below to your discussion boards. If we are to defeat this threat to our freedom, legislators need to hear from us, and that we will support people who support and defend our rights.

The anti-gun machine was prepared for this opportunity, and they are very well organized. Senator Feinstein herself admitted that she has been working since last year to investigate all of the loopholes from the last “Assault Weapons Ban” and eliminate them. That means that this time there will be no thumbhole stocks, no sawed off flash hiders, no California “bullet buttons.” It is almost as though the anti-gunners allowed the old ban to end in hopes of making a better one this time. This legislation is extremely comprehensive and if it passes, every tactical rifle in America will instantly become a Class 3 weapon. No new guns will be produced at all, effectively shuttering every AR-15 manufacturer in the country.

Also don’t assume that the Supreme Court is going to help us on this one. The legislation clearly identifies the approach to grandfathered weapons as a tax, and the Supreme Court has recently dealt with this issue on Obamacare, and refused to strike it down.

In her new proposal she would effectively cause the end of the 2nd amendment as we know it; guns you already legally purchased. This is her attempt at grandfathering existing weapons which is an total obfuscation of your rights and a wholesale attack on the Constitution of the United States.

Senator Diane Feistein is the most dangerous person to your freedoms in America today—if this was a third world country she would be using her boney finger rat like claws to get at a dictatorship, although that would be like Moe on LSD–Arg. All she cares about is what is good for her and neurotic statist brain.

The unintended consequences of the above bill will cause the government to hire 1000’s of new federal agents, costing 10’s of billions of dollars we don’t have; we can’t even pay our bills now. In her new ludicrous (clearly political) plan you will now have to go through months or years of red tape, FBI, BATF, local background checks and finger printing to keep the guns you already own. This is the FINAL SOLUTION, the final step before the government just shows up at your door confiscates your weapons.

Please contact your reps in the House and your Senators today. Mobilize your friends and family. Email everyone in your contact list. And most important, post the direct links below to every single discussion board, blog, or forum to which you frequent.

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