How Many Lies Will Americans Take? How Much Damage Can One Administration Cause?

By the time all the covering up is done, all the lies are foisted; just one more distraction (Sandy) the election will be over. Lies, distractions and cover-up is the game that has been played since the Republican convention.  Both parties avoiding the truth and dancing around the Potomac to get in, or get in office one more time.

I blogged about this– spot on, the day after the attack. Where was the Media? Hounding Romney because he spoke truth to evil.

No matter how the media spins this, I have a pretty good hunch that the those yippie 1% will be just too high, stoned or wired into their media crap to show up and vote. They don’t really care anyway, They just wanted to get a chance to keep acting like children, be stupid and wanna-be anarchists.

The “Hope and Change” crowd unless dragged and bribed to get to the voting both have been the most hurt by this sitting president (hardly a peep about this) and of course, the worthless Senate (McCain please quit); will stay home. That 47% does what they do best. They made an 08 feeble attempt at getting free gas, rent and other HELP ME get anything free. Ha ha…Losers!

There is a REAL  chance that Obama will be sent packing, or not. Maybe he should have skipped that last long hit on the oval office bong before the first debate. Maybe?

We will have to see how the flip flopper Romney will do. I won’t vote for him or Obama because he is Mormon PERIOD…If he wins, it will say allot about supposed Christians in this country. The numbers (those who profess it openly) are CERTAINLY not as high as 80% as goes the usual polling. It is probably more like 20%. The rest fall into the category “Christers”, Christmas and Easter people, fakers, posers, atheists and the all important, ever growing demographic– the stupid.  I will be glad when this is over. We will get past this mess in about 20 years.

Unless the US legislative branch is reformed–prevented from life time jobs (term limits) and Wall Street billionaires and special interests, PACS, SUPER PACS, SUPER DONORS, and special IRS designated corporations that can act in secret. Washington will continue to be more and more corrupt until WE (they won’t) address this, it really does not matter who the president is.

God help us! The real one that is.

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