The Liberal Statist Cockroach–Banality of Evil

The new left in America

The battle for what used to be called “Communism” is today a battle for so-called “social justice.” The collapse of the Soviet Empire has actually advanced itself as a third column, infiltrating the liberal statist left in the last 50 years with a deleterious successful outcome, effectively leading to the 2008 collapse of economies around the world where America took the biggest hit at about 25% of 30 Trillion dollars lost. The disintegrated Soviet states have spread like cancer around the world in a multiplicity of guises that threaten our very existence, much from within. The advocates in this battle are “caring individuals,” who claim to represent the poor and the working class. Theirs is an ongoing struggle, and is fought on many fronts, especially inside the United States. The reason for accelerating their campaign within America is important to understand: The United States is the only military power, and the only economic power, strong enough to block the advance of Moscow and Beijing.

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