OBAMA The Narcassist Takes Victory Lap In Afganistan–Then Civilians Die For His Politics.

Narcissist (Narcissus) Obama turns the killing of Osama Bin laden into a gross and perverted, PURE re-election scheme on the anniversary of his killing by sneaking away from his 100th round of golf ??? and sneaks into Bagram Air Base on Tuesday to delivers a freak show victory speech; mission accomplished? HA!.  Then in retaliation for his political HACKERY, the Taliban blow up dozens of innocent people. Whoops! Great job from the thoughtless and the GREAT sociopath-in-chief.

Most of the war was prosecuted by George W. Bush and by an eager vengeful (justifiably so) American people along with a willing and ready legislative branch.

George Bush being ham strung by the hand wringing left do-gooder war haters, bucked him on every angle right up to the great surge. This surge along with the massive advancements in technologies (10 years), intelligence and ever increasing quantities of unmanned predator drones coupled with special black operation units tactically assassinating the reaming Taliban and Al-Qaeda as they find them, as the decade drew to a close, with Obama in it wants history to call him the victor, BS!

Now that there has been millions of human hours put into this war, the American public elects a president who embraced the surge, got a break handed to him, that which could have easily happened under bush (if it is real), but Obama is taking the credit and victory as his own. [sigh]…..The most likeable self-serving, lawyer lying, shit spinning  president ever. Oh! Lest not forget the MSM that has once again gone into a vigorous foreplay with him to see him re-elected. Don’t get me started on these unprofessional loser journalists.

Surely it’s just coincidence that Barack Obama chose yesterday — the first anniversary of Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden death — to make a surprise visit to Afghanistan, ink a deal with its often erratic president and address the American people to remind them that the war was ended on his watch. NO SIR! Obama would never politicize this for his own gain.

Not over by along shot–when we leave that country–Lets leave now, screw them all, it will fall back into its former lack of a central government tribal chaos. Striking a long term deal to act within the boarders of Afghanistan is almost meaningless because we will kick terrorist ass whenever it pops up now until the end of time if it threatens this land and her people again, That should go without saying. Whatever Barry.

Seven years of Bush in Afghanistan-30% of the casualties.Three years of Obama in Afghanistan-70% of the casualties.Yep, he’s done a hell of a job…

Pathetic… Tee time Mr. President.

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