Teachers Double Dipping In Minneosta- At A Great Cost–622 Not Exempt

 STEALING BY STEALTH…Vote NO LEVY November 8th 2011

Many states across the country have made it illegal to re-hire retired worker and collect pensions.

Written by the Association of American Educators -Alix


With states across the country facing budget shortfalls and underfunded pensions, the concept of “double-dipping,” or collecting both a state pension and salary has come under fire from various states seeking to rein in spending. From California to New York, many employees have been accused of unethically boosting their incomes by also taking a state pension, pushing certain state legislators to back state pension reform legislation.

In Minnesota, for example, there are nearly 9,000 beneficiaries of Minnesota’s public retirement funds back on a public payroll or “double-dipping.” While the concept is being debated, it makes sense for some small school districts looking to hire quality educators.

 ” he stressed. “It’s a way of robbing the taxpayer by stealth.” -Byron Schlomach of the Goldwater Institute

Last June, the superintendent in Redwood Falls, Minnesota retired after twenty years of service. Despite his retirement, Superintendent Rick Ellingworth returned to the same job the following year, collecting both a salary and pension. While he didn’t receive a raise, the district board was committed to his re-hire. “We didn’t really want to lose him,” Board Member Tom Hollatz commented. “We have a more difficult time in rural Minnesota finding quality people.”

While re-hiring an indispensible staff member may seem practical, pension experts argue it is not a good practice for the taxpaying public. Pension fund expert Byron Schlomach of the Goldwater Institute questions double-dipping. “It’s sold as something that saves the taxpayers money, but the reality is taxpayers cover the whole thing,” he stressed. “It’s a way of robbing the taxpayer by stealth.”

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