North Saint Paul Real Estate Taxes Headed Higher– $261 million now gone

That pesky devil in the details thing.

Mark Dayton sold you a line of bull and you trusted him.  It really is funny how apathy plays out.

The Homestead Market Value Credit – a $261 million pile of money set aside each year for property tax relief – is gone.

if you live in small bed room communities like Crystal or Robbinsdale or even North St. Paul – cities with modestly valued homes but few large businesses – you are not in as good a place.

“Basically there’s no other property that will absorb the taxes that will otherwise be paid by those homeowners and that tax burden is going to fall right back on homeowners in those bedroom communities,” said Gary Carlson, director of intergovernmental relations for the League of Minnesota Cities Researchers for the Minnesota House of Representatives applied the new system to last year’s numbers and found property taxes statewide would have spiked by an additional 3.3 percent under the changes. Representative 55A Leon Lillie was called but did not return our call for comment.

The simulation showed property tax increases would have ranged from a high of 6.7 percent in Southeastern Minnesota towns, to a low of 1.6 percent in southeast and southwest Hennepin County.

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