Ramsey Review Drops News Ball, KSTP/SENTINEL GETS IT–City Minimizing Impact Hoping It Will Go Away

Minimizing impact sounds backwards. Not when there is a possibility that the city is responsible.

AS I TOLD YOU–TARGET POND is a choke point with more pipes added during 36 construction. (See picture of layout) http://northsaintpaulnews.com/2011/07/20/north-saint-paul-water-management-plan-2008-watershed-in-this-city/

Scott in your interview with KSTP, what do you mean you can not design for it? You do realize that is a false statement right? You most certainly can design for it, it just wasn’t. You CAN NOT EXPECT (1) 48 inch pipe at the west side of Target Pond to carry the ALL water away when you have well over 150″ inches of inlet pipping going into it can you? Good thing the natural watershed was saved, left intact, not by the city or district, but at the request of local land owners when that Pond was built. Somebody actually listens.

From Target Pond, along side and next to next to the new Goodwill on White Bear Avenue; this pipe under the road mus be looked at and expanded as well. One week later we had more rain and the pond was going up again (no sign of Dave Zick) anyway, the water on the other side of WB Avenue where the pipe comes out was a torrent and my visual inspection revealed that it was at more than half capacity. It almost happened again- another flood. I doubt anyone noticed but me, but then again, I am the only one who cares enough to check it out.

Since your actually the only one who does any work in this city and WORKER THAT LIVES HERE maybe you could check it out.  I know you took this job from your predecessor recently, so I am not in anyway blaming you.

The Local Ramsey County Review Newspaper does not cover this story except for a single  smart ass caption under a picture ‘Water, water everywhere”–like it was some joke.

But hell yes! click on the photo gallery and you can buy pictures for $15.00 a piece.  Not one dime apparently is going to help those who lost everything.  They didn’t even pull a Leon Lillie, house Rep. 55A  of North Saint Paul trick, and donate his July wages after appearing on a list of those who got paid through the state shutdown.

Could it be that the city pulls the strings with the local newspaper? Could it be that the city said please don’t do the story, we don’t want to make a big deal out of this, could it be?

More under-the-radar manager thinking, maybe?


North St. Paul Storm Victims Suffer Heat, Sewage Cleanup without Electricity

Sewer backups leave messy, smelly work in sun

by Leah Beno / FOX 9 News

North St. Paul Storm Victims Suffer Heat, Sewage Cleanup without Electricity: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

Dealing with a dangerous heat wave is difficult enough, but some North St. Paul residents who were hit hard by storms over the weekend had to do it without electricity while trying to clean up a smelly mess left behind by a sewer backup.

North St. Paul Storm Victims Suffer Heat, Sewage Cleanup without Electricity: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

Picture permission via embed KSTP.com


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