Presidential Hopeful Michelle Bachman Says NO!

Reaction from the right: The cuts don’t go far enough for many in Washington. The phony August 2nd  deadline created by Obama has failed, and he has once again shown not so much a willingness to compromise, but a willingness to try to save his own ass while the new congress drags him over the rocks. The best thing for this country now is to get Barrack Obama and his crooked, lying cronies out of the white house.

“I do NOT support an increase in the debt ceiling; DC needs to learn how to spend responsibly! – July 27

Bachman continues to stand firm, and hold the ideals of true conservatism that will bring back fiscal sanity, and create jobs instead of interest on debt that will cripple and already moribund nation.

“Someone has to say no. I will,”

said Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., a contender for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

Over the past several weeks the political posturing in Washington has run rampant. The House has presented several bills to address the problem (though none of them go far enough in addressing the spending problem now), the Senate has done nothing, and the President has given speeches – – misrepresenting the truth to incite fear in the hearts of Americans to try to get his way.

TEA Party patriots say the time for this immature behavior is over. Washington keeps talking about solutions, yet their actions and the bills that they write come nowhere near addressing the problem. This is the final straw. Both sides keep pointing fingers saying the other side is the problem. All the while the American people are pointing at both parties saying, “You are both the problem!”

Make no mistake, this is a crisis! We have a President and Senate who clearly care more about political gain than the will of the American people. The House of Representatives keeps proposing resolutions that do nothing but push the problem further down the road. The time for pandering to political party is over. The time for listening to the will of the American people is now.

The common ground in this debate is to protect the Full Faith and Credit of the United States. The American people believe that in order to do this the government has to pay the interest on the debt, has to stop using retirees, veterans, and the military as political pawns, and they have to make significant cuts in spending now to alter the course of the spending binge that Washington is having trouble breaking. This will not be easy, but it is necessary for the future of our nation.



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