VOTE NO November 8 on the continued 10 year TAX LEVY by School District 622

While the School District 622 made cuts in their own budget, they also selfishly refused to make personal sacrifices of salary and wage cuts to themselves.  They knew full well the mood and anger of the taxpayers and opted not to do that. Now they want you to continue paying $297 a year or more for the next 10 years.  It’s NOT a tax if you say NO, your real-estate taxes will go WAY DOWN, and you will have more discretionary income and save thousands… don’t let them treat you like you’re an idiot and say, “Oh, but your taxes won’t go up” YES THEY DID, 10 years ago! THEY WANT A TOP UP! like one of the cheap phones.

And don’t expect anything either paraphrasing one genius  school official Dale Sundstrom at the Board of Education meeting last Tuesday.

“It won’t be enhancing the education the kids get, but if we renew the levy it will ensure we can continue what we have,” director of business services”

Dale please elaborate what you have then please. What exactly is the school doing except filling their fiscal irresponsibility gap with this TEN MILLION DOLLARS IN TAX money. It’s unanimous, the board agreed that they must continue the burden on all district residents.

Unbelievable people.

HOW expletive deleted stupid does the above quote sound to you?

Knowing full well the state of the nation, the state of the state and financial condition of local municipalities;  the school board, if it had used a sound, rational mind, would have made even deeper cuts, so that the school district would not have to go begging for more money and KEEP PAYING THIS DAMN LEVY! Don’t forget, your city taxes are going up as well for 2012! Notice food prices skyrocketing? Gas going up and up? Notice that your personal earnings are flat and that it is hard to save money? It’s going to get worse when the nations AAA credit rating goes down.

You see, they’ve gotten used to it, and it’s not their money. They expect it as if they are entitled to it, but they’re NOT.  The American citizen faces the worst economic challenges and times in history. The school district EXPECTS you to KEEP PAYING.

SAY NO TO DRUGS (spending in this case), they teach you.  This is just like the City of North St. Paul and LGA. They are addicted to it and can’t get off of it. There are no JOBS, no likelihood of more jobs, no likelihood of any in these very same 10 years, but they continue to pretend that everything is OK. Hey, why doesn’t the school board take their cue from those master minds Dayton, Wiger and Lillie and raise the taxes on the top 2% of the richest school district residents?  Is that not the progressive way? You hypocrites get off the MONEY CRACK.

You buy and ship bottled water in by truck loads for teachers and staff, but make the kids drink the nasty water out of the fountain. See how it works?

They don’t give a RATS BEEHIND about your KIDS. It’s always about maintaining high wages and GIGANTIC SALARY packages for principles and school bureaucrats and  bloated, unnecessary program management.

They always threaten this and that, then make bold promises year after year that class sizes will get smaller and the outcomes for our kids will be better, but it NEVER DOES.

It’s about GROWING the teachers union period and building pensions.

School board members unanimously voted to include the levy renewal on the Nov. 8 ballot, in the form of a question dictated by state law:

“Shall the renewal of the expiring property-tax referendum proposed by the board of Independent School District No. 622 (North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale) be approved?”

VOTE NO, November 8 and send them a message that WE ARE BROKE and that they must stop wasting money, stop spending money and live within their means.

–“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” —-Abraham Lincoln


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2 Responses to VOTE NO November 8 on the continued 10 year TAX LEVY by School District 622

  1. Bob Erickson says:

    This needs to be a full blown concerted effort to stop the tax continuation. I agree that they feel a sense of entitlement. that they should just get it automatically. I agree that they had ten years to cut back and arrive at this day not needing more TAX MONEY!

    Between skyrocketing food prices, gas and no cost of living increases, I am going backwards. I know that there are plenty of others that feel the same way.

    This district spared themselves cuts. We are suppose to pick it up from there. baloney.

    I want to know how much unfunded liabilities there are in this district. I bet it is his huge.

  2. Mr. Fed Up says:

    My Wife and I are retired, we’ve never had children and I’m tru;ly sick and tired of the school districts and the union idiots continuously saying, Vote Yes for the Kids. “BS” All it’s ever about is the nerve of the districts to get their Unprofessional Teachers Union to steal more money from us so they have have longer vacations, more MEA Meetings and bigger Pensions!!

    I would have sent my dog to a publicf school, so why would I give them One Damn Dime?

    Sick and Tired of their lies..

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