North St. Paul facing drastic public service cuts– I TOLD YOU SO!!

The buck stops with the City Manager Wally Wysopal and the STUPID Mayor who has his back. It’s in his contract to keep this city financially viable (fidicuary duty) and out of this exact  mess we are in now.

Don’t blame the state, don’t blame the council, don’t blame the Mayor. Wally Wysopal is the one who destroyed this city along with the Mayor always agreeing in the bobble head affirmative with the managers incompetent positions in the handling of financial affairs. Mishandling and misapplication of millions and millions of dollars during the course of his contract with the city, which I bet is surely well documented in the labyrinth of graft and under-the-radar cover ups.

This situation has been brewing for years and years and everyone has been whistling past the grave yard.

My petition to have him removed is circulating the city. Please sign this PETITION for his removal and insist we get a manager that actually has an interest in this city and not how to achieve the highest possible big fat salary and benefit package. Of course North Saint Paul has no residency requirement; he lives in a cozy upscale neighborhood  in the North Metro and therefore has NO SKIN IN THE GAME.

Crystal ball moment–Annex into Maplewood was my warning last year along with turning police services over to Ramsey County. Unfortunately, that is were the big money is that they can GUILT the residents with, ignoring other department onerous administrative costs ad BLOAT.  They had a chance last year to cut wages, but DID NOT.  Keep kicking the football down the street like every other government agency.

The stupid resident input form/questionaire sent out by  the mayor conveniently leaves out the 24% of “other budget”. They, “whoops”, conveinently did not mention what was contained in there, but that is where  all the Bell City like giant administrative salaries are and big giant fat PENSION PLANS.

The writing is on the wall. This is why you NEVER, NEVER want to leave statist progressive liberals in charge. You TRUSTED them and they BURNED YOU.

Don’t get shocked when 7th avenue is appropriately called downtown Maplewood, and North High School becomes known as Maplewood North High School. You probably think I’m  kidding…..

Our city crashed and burned, thanks to the City of North St. Paul’s Manager, the dumbell Mayor and the clown council.

See you dolts in the funny papers.

Read more at the city controlled newspaper below:

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