Governor Dayton Caves Under Threat Of Beer Riots

Mediocre victory for GOP Legislature.

Sorry Mark, it’s a TEA Party 12 pack victory on not taxing the top 2% wage earner and not increasing spending. GOP leaders pulled off the table several policy issues,  made some school payment shell game tricks and ended it, for now.

Not what I would have done, I would have drug it out for a couple of months until all political DFL statist drunkards felt every delirium tremen.

On the other hand the 15% cut across-the-board cut in state jobs was pulled off the table by the GOP would have been cause for me to go out and buy a new American made car.

Dayton appeared to be somber, high or both during todays press conference where he caved in like a Chinese coal mine.

I would like to wrap this up by simply saying- It must suck being you Mr. Dayton.

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