“Imagine This” Letter To This Editor

I am writing in response to a letter to the editor written by Wally Wysopal, City Manager, North St. Paul entitled “Imagine . . . “. regarding the future of this community. The letter indicates he will ask city property owners to participate in a survey for the purpose of helping the city plan for potential future reductions in state aid. I say “imagine this”.

Imagine if the city manager and city council would listen to the needs of the people, for example, when a majority opposed the issuance of a conditional use permit for the ISD 622 bus garage to be moved to a site on McKnight Avenue that removed valuable, redevelop-able land off the city tax roles. The mayor braggingly admitted at a city Parks Commission meeting in 2010 he “cuts deals, so what”!

Imagine a mayor who would be more transparent and trusted by the community if he used a city e-mail address on the city web page to conduct “official” city business instead of using his personal e-mail address. I estimate his refusal to do so has cost city taxpayers thousands of dollars to defend a request to obtain public information.

I imagine if these and other items were corrected, the city might have a fighting chance to regain the trust of the people to effectively govern and sustain a small urban community like ours.

I can only imagine the day when you listen to the people, reveal your true agendas, stop cutting deals that are not good for this community and abide by all laws; not just the city’s regulations. I can only hope the city manager and elected officials begin to work with the people, for the people and for the common good.

John Fax

North St. Paul

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