North Saint Paul Wind Turbine Off Warranty- Now what?

Minnesota has now given us another reason to shake our heads and wonder why we don’t give drug tests to our elected officials- a city on crack.


“In North St. Paul, whose wind turbine is has been installed and will be operational in two weeks, about 106 homes will receive their power from wind energy,” Wysopal said.

“There’s been a real excitement in town about it,” he said.

A federal program has helping provide wind power to 12 Minnesota cities that might otherwise not have it. “Having almost free financing for the project made it doable,” said Wally Wysopal the city manager of North St. Paul. Apparently Wally doesn’t know that nothing is free, someone is paying for it and that someone is us. One turbine will power about 106 homes. The estimated cost for one turbine was $300,000. Instillation was slowed by environmentalists concerns over bird migration and noise pollution. Are you kidding? I wish these tree huggers would focus more on their own noise pollution and shut up. Gayle Prest, the city’s sustainability manager, sounded like a rocket scientist when she stated in October of 2009 that “We want to make sure it actually works,” she said. “It’s not just this glossy, sexy thing … If it doesn’t work properly; it’s more of a status symbol.”

“Given that North St. Paul isn’t as windy as other cities, it isn’t an ideal location for investor-owned wind turbines, Wysopal said, but the financing the city received from MMPA made this particular project work.”

The final cost per turbine was $417,000; (may never be realized) the turbines were fully operational on Nov. 7. As of today none of the turbines are working. So what is the problem? Well “hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil in the turbines’ gear boxes. In cold weather, the fluid turns gel-like and doesn’t flow.” the windmills were bought from a company in Escondido, California and have never tested or operated in cold conditions. To fix the problem, a contractor installed heating elements this week in the turbines. So what is powering the heating elements? Matt Podrasky the Chaska City Administrator states that: they’ll use either electricity or natural gas at each turbine to keep the mechanism lubricated.

What Wysopal did not say is just as important. The 106 homes that would be powered could take 250 years reach that point–It’s has to break even first.

The city has made no mentions, statements or planned any anniversary event which speaks for itself.   Although Wysopal said people are REALLY interested.

Every time I see that dummy I laugh, sometimes out loud, I think to myself,”‘how can a supposed professor and college graduate be so ignorant and stupid”?

Maybe he just knows he can say anything because the vast majority of North Saint Paul residents are ignorant and don’t care. After all it is a welfare infested citizenry and welfare teat sucking LGA city.  Not much brain power out there to work with.

When North Saint Paul opens up, starts being transparent and stop the back room dealings, maybe the opposition rhetoric will tone down.

As for this blogger, every stupid move they make is like throwing gas on a fire, I am not letting up for one second–NOT ONE.

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