More Hyprocrisy From Obama- I See Libya A Just Cause, For WHO?

Wag the Libyan Dog! So now we have a No Fly Zone resolution on Libya. And the man who ran for the Democratic nomination in 2008 as being the candidate who wouldn’t have gone into Iraq, is now running in 2012 as the candidate who will go into Libya. Hypocrisy is a beautiful beast and politics is a petting zoo.

During Obama’s  little Saturday  afternoon speech from Brazil. it sounded sort of familiar. I might have swore it was a redux of George W’s coalition of the willing; but WTF do I know, I sit in a myopic little city the size of postage stamp that can’t even fix the streets and fights over who has the cleanest yard.

The Mess Media is already touting Obama’s “New Middle east doctrine” of fighting wars, huh?  He doesn’t know whether to fart or crap unless someone tells him.  We are the world welfare go to state–always the enabler to the European countries.  If you listen carefully to Obama; we are not “really running the show”. Can he EVER stop lying?

This is a load of BS. Now the French are in the lead. why are we being punished like this?

In the  Speaker of the House first  comments;  John Boehners  says this about the Libyan Action.  John Boehner said the Administration MUST define it’s role in this action.

“The president is the commander-in-chief, but the administration has a responsibility to define for the American people, the Congress, and our troops what the mission in Libya is, better explain what America’s role is in achieving that mission, and make clear how it will be accomplished,”

Speaker Boehner continues.

“Before any further military commitments are made, the administration must do a better job of communicating to the American people and to Congress about our mission in Libya and how it will be achieved.”

House Speaker Boehner was largely critical of Obama, Boehner also said the United States has a:

“moral obligation to stand with those who seek freedom from oppression and self-government for their people.”

Just a week earlier while Japan was crumbling into the sea (and China laughs it’s ass off) in it’s worst disaster, Obama was yet again of vacation PLAYING GOLF.

Below is a Picture of Obama illustrating his continuing insanity and the handling of the Japan crisis.

This ought to be interesting.

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